Zoe & Zak - Indiana University Engagement

posted on: July 23, 2007


For Zoe & Zak's engagement session, we went to the place where Zak proposed - Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. I always make it a challenge when I revisit a location to see things in new ways and to find different angles and scenery that I hadn't explored before. More than anything, I love hearing the stories that meaningful locations like this bring to mind. Zoe & Zak had me laughing so hard- it's obvious they have a great time together. ;-)

Zak proposed in this favorite romantic spot on campus...

As we were walking through campus, Zoe spotted a paver with Zak's fraternity on it...



A campus landmark..

This is a great example of how silly Zoe & Zak can be together (I'm sure worse things have happened to Mr. Wells over the years!!)

For some reason, I was in the mood to create more dramatic images for Zoe & Zak. Maybe it was their dark hair and gorgeous eyes, or maybe it was because they were great at pulling off a serious look, I don't know why exactly - but I love these images...





Last but not least, the famous Sample Gates. This image reminds me of a European street scene... I just love it!!

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  1. Man, Anne - I love your work! It is so lovely and so consistently brilliant. :)

  2. LOOOOOOVE the picture of her lying in the grass...her eyes are gorgeous and the picture is so complimentary! Love it! :)

  3. Your work brings tears to my eyes. You have a great job -- capturing the beauty of people in love with each other.

  4. I get so excited every time I see that you have a new post up. Your work is always so inspiring! :-)

    I love all of these, but most especially the second to last. It's got such a classic, romantic feel to it.

  5. I love the 2nd to last image! Great job with them all, but that one to me is absolutely classic. Beautiful work!


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