What's Next 2013?

posted on: January 2, 2013

Normally, after a recap from last year, I write about my goals for the year ahead.  But how do you follow a year of traveling around the world?!  Honestly, I have no idea- it's like trying to upstage Elizabeth Taylor.  I wasn't trying to dream of something else because I was so busy enjoying every minute of what felt like a dream turned reality.   

There's no time to get wrapped up in what's next when you're so fully present to what's happening right now.

Soggy Syracuse Sunset
(Instagram photo taken while driving through Syracuse, NY)

Perhaps THAT is the adventure of 2013.  NOT planning ahead.  NOT trying to anticipate everything.  NOT filling life with goals that need to be accomplished or "readjusted" when real life gets in the way.  It's quite zen- to simply move through life like water moves through a stream.  Always moving forward, never backward; easily around twists, turns, and obstacles, and simply continuing on without worry for what's next or regret for the past.

Life is fluid.  We are never stuck because we can always change ourselves.

Life is fluid.  We are never stuck because we can always change ourselves. (Taken somewhere over Greenland)
 (Instagram photo taken while flying over Greenland)

I've accomplished a lot in the last few years and followed my dreams to a point where I'm running out of things to dream about!  So this year, I have no resolutions or goals to share with you.  I'm simply going to live as mindfully as possible in each and every moment I get.  If I lose even more weight because I'm more mindful of what I eat, great, and if not, I can still be happy in knowing that I was simply listening to what felt healthy and good for my body.  If I gain more clients or take on new work because I was fully present to the requests and opportunities around me, great, if not, I will know that it was because I was fully present to something or someone else who needed my attention more. I sense that there is change on the horizon, but rather than trying to anticipate it, plan for it, or control it, I'm simply going to focus on enjoying each day as it unfolds. Finding peace and joy in what already is. I hope you will too.

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