Mobile Monday - Week 9

posted on: November 30, 2009

Mobile Monday is a weekly collection of iphone photos and twitter captions from my daily adventures.


I love someecards, they know just what to say to brighten my day. 11.23.09
Sorry you're faced with the unspeakable trauma of having to choose between a BlackBerry and an iPhone

What an incredible human story... 11.23.09







Some things are just meant to be. 11.25.09 (click play to listen)


If it's a friend you need... let it be me. ♫ 11.26.09 (click play to listen)

Thank you for lettin' me be myself... ♫ 11.27.09


Cute ♫ 11.27.09

Take a walk on the wild side ♫ 11.27.09

Winter's cold is too much to handle ♫ 11.27.09









Mobile Monday - Week 8

Mobile Monday is a weekly collection of iphone photos and twitter captions from my daily adventures.

Kicking things off with a little David Bowie "Panic in Detroit" 11.16.09 (click play to listen)



Grooving with some MGMT "Electric Feel" 11.18.09 (fun trivia note - Maya & Clint used this as a modern dance art piece during dinner at their wedding reception. Yes, my clients rock.)








I love this song. 11.20.09


Love is not convenient. 11.20.09




Interesting fact: that was the fifth wedding I photographed for free this year, and the third time I was the second shooter for another photographer in the Boston area.





LOVE IT: Harvard Oktoberfest & Honk! Parade & Festival

posted on: November 27, 2009

On our way into Cambridge on a Sunday morning we were stopped dead in traffic for 30 minutes, so after about 8 minutes of sitting in the car and not going anywhere, I decided to hop out and see what was happening. To my delightful surprise, the intersection in front of us was overtaken by hoards of crazy costumes, invented instruments, and all around FUN!! Just one more reason why I adore living in Massachusetts- people fearlessly & publicly celebrating the geeky and weird. ;-) After getting home, I found out that it was actually the Harvard Oktoberfest & Honk! Parade & Festival which is meant to “Reclaim the Streets for Horns, Bikes and Feet!” how awesome is that?! Take a peek at some of the fun that went down while many angered and confused drivers sat in their cars (press play to start the slideshow):

Jack Kerouac Memorial Walk | Lowell, MA

I heard about this little adventure through Lowell at the last minute and since the starting point was literally next door to me, I decided to check it out and hear a little more about one of Lowell's legends- Jack Kerouac, author and beat poet. The night started with a stop at the home he spent quite a bit of time in while living in Lowell, followed by a walk over the bridge mentioned in Jack's memoirs, with a few stops at his hometown church and favorite hangout - the public library. The evening ended with a set of readings of Jack's work and original work inspired by Jack Kerouac. It was a fantastic evening for a walk and for being immersed in the words of a man who lived fully in each and every day. Here's what the adventure felt like to me (click play to start the show):

Weekend Photo Assistants Needed!

posted on: November 22, 2009

Want experience working in a studio environment with a series of fast paced mini-portraits? (Need some holiday cash?) I need two assistants who can commit to the following dates: Sunday 11/29, Saturday 12/5, Sunday 12/6, Saturday 12/12, Sunday 12/13. The pay is $250 for about 25 hours of work over the course of 5 days and you'll need to sign an independent contractor agreement. All of the work will be done out of my studio at 122 Western Ave. Lowell, MA.

Great assistants will be reliable, honest, creative, flexible, able to multitask well, maintain a positive attitude and cool head in a fast-paced and unpredictable environment, explain online viewing and purchasing options to visitors, and have GREAT attention to detail. Assistants do NOT need to be a photographer, but if you understand studio lighting equipment, I might just marry you (of course my husband might not like that idea, but he hasn't offered to learn studio lighting either... ha!) A good understanding of how to load, print, and backup photos with a Mac is preferred. If you're totally awesome and I fall in love with you, there may be more weekend work in the future. ;) Please email info(at) with your full name, phone number, location, and top 10 reasons why I'll love working with you. :-)

stalked by the paparazzi
(Photo of Tim Co. and I from 2007 WPPI BluDomain Party Booth.)

POLL: The Knot vs. Brides

posted on: November 20, 2009

Quick question:  Would you rather be featured in Bride's Magazine or The Knot Magazine?  Which accompanying website?  Please respond in the poll, or if you can't see it (iphone users) respond in the comments and let us know if you're a photographer or a bride (or another wedding vendor!)  I'd love to hear your reasons too!

Real Weddings Sneak Peek

posted on: November 18, 2009

Here's an itty bitty, teeny weeny, isn't fair, hardly any, sneak peek of only a few of the fabulous weddings I've had this year!  I have so many gorgeous weddings to blog - I love my clients!!

Maya & Clint's Real Wedding - Brown & Green

exotic wedding bouquet






You Gotta Have Friends

posted on: November 17, 2009

As you could tell from my Mobile Monday pics, we had some fun at Western Ave Studios last week when I invited a few friends over to help me arrange my office. I had several problems that needed solving:

  1. Create a storage area that is functional, organized, and easily walled off without much construction or blocking of windows.
  2. Find a place for my desk that clients won't see immediately upon entering, and allows me to work even when there's full sun pouring into the studio.
  3. Create a comfortable seating arrangement for clients that will position them easily for viewing a slideshow or having an intimate chat during a meeting.
  4. Make the furniture easy to move so that I can shoot studio work if I want to.

Not only did my friends help me accomplish ALL of the above, they even added a little foyer where I'll be able to set up a display! Fabulous!! As we were getting closer to the end, I pulled out some B&W film that's probably at least 5 years old, dropped it into my OM10 and shot the silliness that started unfolding after several hours of hard work:

Mobile Monday - Week 7

posted on: November 16, 2009

Mobile Monday is a weekly collection of iphone photos and twitter captions from my daily adventures.

This beauty reaches something deep inside and doesn't let go. 11.09.09 (click play to watch)


Awesome weather day in Boston

Trees & power lines  - Nature vs. Man

Van Gogh's Gear in Lowell
Visit them online at

Marine Corps Birthday Cake

Roses on a bush in late fall

iPhone Google Map
Visit them online at:

Shannon & Kayu's Feature in The Knot

The Big Head at WAS
Visit them online at:

Boston PUG @ Lens Pro To Go Studio
Follow Mark Andrew on twitter:

Vic's in Centerville

An organizing jenius
Follow Jen on twitter to win one of her art prints!

Inside my studio w/ friends
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WAS Hallway - Lenny's phone
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WAS hallway - Lenny's phone

Made in Lowell - in studio
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Target Spot Display

Dharma Buns cookies & fries
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WASAA meeting
See the entire community of Western Ave Artists online at:

Felted & embroidered iphone case
Find one like this in Jen's Etsy shop:

Big Head at Western Ave
Find out more about this project at the Revolving Museum:

Hair foils
At my favorite all natural Aveda salon, Salon City, in Lowell:

This entire album, "Youth Novels", is awesome in so many ways. 11.13.09


Can you find the pink monkey?

Two girls in an Apple Store

Sun or Moon?

This song always makes me smile and dance in my chair! 11.14.09


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