Kate & Pete Engagement

posted on: August 29, 2008


I have always wanted to do an engagement session at a zoo, so when Kate told me that she used to work at the Indianapolis Zoo and wanted to do her engagement session there - I was (imagine me singing this) THRIIIILLLED! I loves me a challenge!



We started off in a pretty safe and normal spot- the well-manicured gardens next to the zoo, where we were able to take advantage of the beautiful greenery... which you know I love.



Curly Willows are seriously some of the prettiest trees ever...




I think all of that extra oxygen starts going to my brain because my ideas get progressively more abstract...




Until I remember I'm shooting an engagement session and people want to look happy and in love... so I leave the avant garde stuff behind and we just have fun!!



Since we had a pass that allowed us to get into the zoo... and I really wanted to find something different... Kate & Pete agreed, and we went!


For some reason, this little waterfall made Pete ask about making water look "soft". So I did a little demo on my camera to show him how shutter speed (in conjunction with aperture of course) can give you that "soft water look". ;-)
The easy way for non-pros is to put your camera on TV for Time Value, and set it to 1/15th of a second or so. A tripod helps, but you can turn yourself into a tripod if you brace your elbows on your knees- which is what I did for this shot. Anyway, I digress..

I have ALWAYS wanted to shoot inside one of these! The light was so cool in there!

Kate knew of a great spot to see yet ANOTHER view of the Indy skyline which I hadn't photographed yet!! Definitely one of the cooler spots to see the city from.

However, I must say that the coolest spot to see the city from, and the absolute highlight of this engagement session was our trip on the roller coaster!! Yes folks... a roller coaster engagement session!! Wooo Hooo!!!!! It was ridiculously hard to take photos on the roller coaster while it was moving and I was a bit afraid I was going to lose my camera a few times... but who cares, it was so worth it!! What a great way to end a day with two awesome people! I can't wait for the wedding!!!



Jackie & Chuck's Wedding

posted on: August 27, 2008

chicago wedding photographer
Jackie... a professional dancer. Chuck... a professional actor. Their wedding... like a broadway musical. ;-) Indulge in my terrible writing skills as I work on my script that retells the day as it unfolded before me...

It all started at the boutique Hotel Orrington in the heart of Chicago's North Shore. The stage was set, and the dress made it's dramatic entrance in the hallway...
hotel orrington wedding photographer

But wait! There was drama lurking around the corner! A broken steamer- primed to ruin the delicate layers of fabric! Maintenance men work hurriedly to fix the problem before it's too late! Will they fix it with enough time to make it to the wedding?! Dun, dun, duuunnnnn
chicago wedding photographer

The guys hang in the balance- blissfully unaware of the potential drama. But the groom senses that something might be wrong. At this point, he can only hope to see his bride at the end of the aisle!
chicago wedding photographer

The flower girls secretly plot to hide the dress from Jackie so that they can marry Chuck instead!
chicago wedding photographer

Their plan is spoiled by the bridesmaids who rescue the dress and get Jackie ready just before she needs to walk down the aisle! The bridesmaids protect Jackie from the flower girls so that she can finally see her groom...
chicago wedding photographer

Jackie took a deep breath and walked into the amazing Alice Millar Chapel at Northwestern University- greeted by the angelic sounds of the organ and the radiant light of the stained glass windows....

chicago wedding photographer

Their marriage received many blessings from family and friends...
chicago wedding photographer

... and by the tongues of angels.
chicago wedding photographer

The youngest watched from the back of the room, but were still present to send fertility blessings to the couple. (Every musical has to have something about making babies!)

chicago wedding photographer

The guests all cheered with joy and congratulated the newlyweds as they made their way back down the aisle! Married at last!

chicago wedding photographer

Grandma was pleased to know that her grandson the actor really was straight after all these years (hey.. I don't make the stereotypes, I just use them to amplify my poor writing skills!!)

chicago wedding photographer

And the flower girls finally make amends with the bride, knowing that they've lost the battle... but may still win the war.
chicago wedding photographer

To avoid any potential wardrobe malfunctions, the bride and groom duck into the green room for a quick wardrobe check before the very active third act!

chicago wedding photographer

The guests arrive at the Hotel Orrington greeted by handwritten placecards, family photos, and daisy centerpieces. All simply understated and elegant for an afternoon reception.
chicago winter wedding

The wedding party reminisces on fond memories with their beloved friends and wishes them well on their future path together.
chicago winter wedding

[Enter music. Cue singers. Cue dancers.] La da, da, da, deee, dahhhh...

chicago winter wedding

As the bride dances with her father, in the distance we see a sign of what may have been a story from the past, and one that may also point to the future...
chicago wedding photographer
chicago wedding photographer

The flower girl thinks to herself... it should have been me in the sparkly dress...
chicago wedding photographer

The bride and groom blissfully dance the afternoon away...
chicago wedding photographer
chicago wedding photographer

... and they all live happily ever after...
chicago wedding photographer

THE END. [Cue Wedding Bells.]
chicago wedding photographer

Jackie & Chuck - thank you for indulging me and my ridiculous side!! I had so much fun capturing and celebrating your wedding day with you!! Can we do it again?? Take two??

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