LOVE IT: Walking The High Line in NYC

posted on: April 29, 2013

I really needed to find some green space and fresh air to escape the rush of Manhattan and get a more relaxed and grounded perspective on New York City.  When I stepped onto The High Line, I fell in love with the repurposed railroad tracks turned rooftop garden that make the stroll from West 14th Street to West 30th Street one of the most pleasant walks in the city.  Here are some of the things I found... (all iphone/instagram photos)

Old railroad tracks turned rooftop garden backed by car lift storage with an Empire State backdrop.


Spring blossoms brighten old rail road tracks <3

It's like a public rooftop garden in the middle of the city-  LOVE

Last but not least, click play on this 30 second video to get a panoramic view of The High Line and it's Sunday afternoon foot traffic on a beautiful spring day in late April:

8 Must See & Do Things for Brisbane, Australia

posted on: April 27, 2013

I love Brisbane.  I lived there for 5 months last year and now that I've been gone for a year, I miss it even more than I did just months after leaving!  I was recently asked what are the MUST see things to do in Brisbane, and while I could probably give a massive list, I realize many people are doing other things while they are visiting, so if you can just accomplish these 8 things- I feel you will have an amazing overview of why I am so in love with Brisbane, Australia.
Brisbane Story Bridge, by the same Architect of the Sydney Bridge

#1 West End Market on Saturday mornings- for the best of local Australian culture, food, and handmade goodies:
I <3 Sampling #brisbane #westend

#2 South Bank Lifestyle Markets on Friday night- even if you don't buy anything, the atmosphere is awesome at South Bank in the evening, and even more awesome on Friday night when the market is set up and the streets feel friendly and welcoming 

Sunday afternoon @Bris_Powerhouse are always full of great indie musicians. #brisbane #music
#3 Live Spark at Brisbane Powerhouse on Sundays- this is a great way to sample local music for free, grab a bite and a drink at the bar, or just take in the view of the river with some great music in the background. The best way to get to the PowerHouse from most of Brisbane is via CityCat ferry

I'm on a boat // #febphotoskill #landscape // #febphotoaday #10AM // #brisbane #fromwhereisit
#4 Ride the Full CityCat Route- Speaking of CityCat, this is just part of the public transportation system, but it's such an awesome way to get around the city with the wind blowing in your hair and the river views of the city. Take it from end to end and explore whatever you can from each stop. It runs frequently so you usually don't have to wait that long. I don't recommend getting a car in Brisbane, especially if you're not used to left-side driving- just take public transport everywhere - it's easy, clean, and ridiculously more convenient than having a car and trying to find parking everywhere.

The gorgeous newspaper reading room at the QLD State Library in #Brisbane, with newspapers from all over the world.
#5 State Library of Queensland & QAGOMA- my two favorite places to spend hours upon hours during weekdays in Brisbane. There are ALWAYS free events at the Library, great wifi access and a lovely cafe. QOMA exhibits are AMAZING - I have been blown away every single time- try to go for an event night if you can- much more bang for your buck!

#6 Schonell Theatre at Queensland University- this is a bit of a hidden gem in the city as it offers great independent films for a super fabulous price and there's usually a quality pizza + movie special available for ridiculously cheap as well. Australia gets many really interesting films from all around the globe - but they are often far behind on the mainstream movies in the states. I like the more interesting stuff better:

#interiordesign wood, glass, and metal light and ceiling #decor #brisbane
#7 Cloudland & Fortitude Valley- I can take or leave many of the bars in Fortitude Valley, however Cloudland is an explosion of imagination, texture, and design!! You must not leave Brisbane without stepping foot inside Cloudland during daylight hours. You can usually grab a bite for lunch during the week after 12pm or on the weekend during the day if you want to avoid the nightlife crowd and heavy cover charge.

#8 Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary- This is perhaps the most touristy thing on my list, but it would be a shame to visit Australia and never once cuddle a Koala, see a Wombat waddle, a Tasmanian Devil run in circles, or be face to face with a Kangaroo or Wallaby. You can do all of those things at this sanctuary, and it's a nice ferry ride along the river to get there.

I could go on and on.... but if you just accomplish these 8 things, you will see why I am head over heels about Brisbane!!!

Happy Earth Day - Ways to Help Our Planet

posted on: April 22, 2013

Earth Day is when I check in on the recent progress of my favorite organizations that are supporting and responsible and sustainable use of our planet and resources.  If you're getting ready to plan vacations for the year, how about doing a Sierra Club Volunteer Vacation in which you join other earth-friendly people in using your time and talents to help maintain ecosystems throughout the globe?  You could do a Service & History Hike in Hawaii, help Replant A National Forest in Alaska, or even Remove Invasive Plants from Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.  Even if you prefer to spend your vacation relaxing on the beach, a $15 donation to the Sierra Club- America's oldest and largest environmental organization, can help maintain environmental protections and awareness.

Want to find more ways to get involved in environmental non-profits?
Check out this list of --> Green Non-Profits from Mother Jones <--- br="" nbsp=""> If nothing else... at least get outside and take a nice long walk to enjoy the fresh air that breathes life into our bodies and without which we could not survive....
Afternoon country walk

LOVE IT: Real Beauty Sketches

posted on: April 16, 2013

This video series, produced by Dove, speaks directly to what I experience when I photograph people and hear how they see themselves.  Most often, when I'm doing headshots, I end up hearing everything that people hate about themselves.  I hear things come out of people's mouths that I never would have noticed or even perceived to be a problem.  Things which I consider to be part of someone's beauty, they consider to be ugly or unfavorable.  The fact is, we are the worst critics of how we look.  To everyone else in the world, we may be beautiful and lovely just as we are, but if we have a negative self-image, we end up closing ourselves off to our own greater beauty.  This video is a great illustration of the differences we have in how we perceive ourself versus how others see us...

To see the entire series, visit:

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