Jenn & AJ's Wedding

posted on: July 27, 2007

Happy In Love

You may remember Jenn & AJ's engagement session, which we photographed at Indiana State University and the Sky King Airport in Terre Haute, IN where AJ trained to become a pilot. One of the most unique things about their engagement is that they decided to retain their purity before marriage by not even sharing a KISS until their wedding day!! So you can only imagine the build up of every single minute leading up to their wedding ceremony. Leading up to the ceremony, nerves were pretty high in anticipation of everything going as perfectly as planned, so when the ceremony actually happened, everyone just let loose with tears and emotion.

The girls decided to get ready at the church, and in order to have enough mirrors and outlets for hair and makeup, they decided to take over both the women's and men's restrooms!
Hairstyle Takeover

How many bridesmaids does it take to zip up a dress?
How Many Bridesmaids
Insert Here
Faux Calla Lillies
Table Names & Airplanes

I love completely random unexpected portraits like this one. I used to avoid taking pictures when people would look directly at the camera while I was trying to capture them in a candid moment, but lately I've decided that these moments are just as real as any other, so why should I try to act like they never happened?
Three's a crowd

The moment when a father gives away his daughter is so meaningful..
Giving Her Away

During the ceremony, Jenn & AJ had a slideshow projected onto a screen along with sound that they had prerecorded. They talked about their relationship, how they met, and the promises they made to each other. It was very moving and so many people were moved by their love for each other.
Watching the Slideshow

The looooooooong awaited kiss!!!!!!!!!
The Kiss

Jenn & AJ had so many personal touches and one of the most unique was that they had paper airplanes for their guests to toss during their exit!
Paper Airplane Exit

The ceremony was at the First Baptist Church of North Vernon, IN and the reception was at the Clifty Inn in Madison, IN, which is quite a bit of a drive! So I made the most of our long drive to Madison. ;-)
Just Married

Before arriving at the reception site, we stopped for a few pictures at a beautiful historic home and gardens in Madison, as well as a few in the city and along the Ohio river..
Garden Dip
Veil Take off
Happy Bride
(for what it's worth - that's real motion blur, not photoshopped blur ;-)

Jenn's grandmother loved Kewpie dolls, so these were placed as a little reminder...
Grandma's Kewpie Dolls
Square Cake

This is probably one of my favorite photos!! I just love everything about it!

They had a bubble machine for their first dance! Do you know how hard it is to focus on bubbles?!
First Dance
Holding on just a little longer
The Chicken?

The view from the back of the Inn was beautiful and with the clear sky, you could see well into Kentucky! Such a perfect way to end a perfect day! Congratulations Jenn & AJ!
Looking ahead

PS!!!!!!! Please vote for your favorite image by leaving a comment!! The bride & groom will receive a free enlargement of the blog reader's favorite!! (They get all the files anyway, so this is just for fun!)

30 comments, to add [click here]:

  1. My favorite is definitely your favorite. The flower girl watching the bride at the reception in bw. I love it. Great job.

  2. Being a Madisonian, I have to give the nod to the last one, overlooking the river. :) They're all beautiful.

  3. They are all awesome. I suppose if it's a contest though I have to pick just about the one in the car mirror. Her expression is so sweet. :-)

  4. erich9:21 AM

    Sweet work Anne! I love the image of the little girl sitting at the window! Great moment!!

  5. my fav is with the little girl. It's a piece of art. Or if I had to pick one of the couple, then it'd be the one of them in the garden. It looks like it should be a famous poster.

  6. jamie9:45 AM

    my fav is the one of them dancing and looking at each other, it looks like they could melt into each other there!

  7. Great work as usual!!

    I really like the one where they are exiting the church with the little paper airplanes...that was a nice touch!

  8. These are beautiful! My Favorite: Happy Bride

  9. My favorite is definitely the first one, the black and white conversion on that one is just gorgeous! They are all fantastic.

  10. I'm torn between the b&w with the little girl, and the makeup mirror rearview hot.

  11. OMG - to have to pick just one?! If I were the bride, I'd want everyone to vote for the one where they are kissing in front of the garden at the historic home - so that is my official vote. Personally, that picture of the flower girl looking at the train is fantastic and the car mirror one is adorable. I just get more inspired everytime I visit you. You are such an amazing woman.

  12. My personal favorite is the "unexpected portrait." I loooooove shots like that (can we get them at our wedding??). Second favorite is the one of the bride with her veil flying up in the wind.

  13. Are you kidding me?!! Pick just one from all these gorgeous shots? Well, its a huge toss up, the first one, the little girl, or one of the veil shots!

  14. Hi Anne--I've been following your blog for a couple months now and am just in awe of your photographs...most specifically the perspective on many of your shots. Simply beautiful (and typically I don't normally look at wedding/engagement type photos--that tells you how great I think they are!). For your contest, hands down, I pick the little girl. Her expression makes it. Close second is the reflection of the couple in the mirror! Thanks for allowing us to see your art!

  15. Gosh, Anne, as always, I love them all! But I think if I had to pick one, it would be the last one, with the view from the back of the inn. Just looks like they're looking into their future together, and it deserves to be blown up into a fabulous enlargement!

  16. Ansley10:33 PM

    My favorite is the one where they are kissing at Madison Gardens.

  17. My favorite picture is the one with the veil taking off. Hard to pick though.
    I used blubbles at my last photoshoot, but the pics didn't turn out as well as yours. Good job (as always).

  18. There is no way I can vote for just one. I love the 3 elderly people looking directly at the camera. There is something so funny and respectful happening at the same time...the 3 people, 2 chairs, and spacing make it really arty, with the retro-ish colors. The little girl looking at the bride in b/w where you can see the bride's arm outline--stunning. The one with the vast spread view of the garden is fantastic too. The rear view mirror, the looooong awaited altar kiss. God Anne, there's no way to cast only one vote.

  19. These are wonderful! And I love their story!!! I vote for the mirror pic from the car - they look so ridiculously happy!

  20. Skibumsgirl2:42 PM

    I can't choose just one! I have two that are my absolute faves---
    1) the dip/kiss in front of the garden
    2) the overlook of the river behind the reception.

    Of course---as always, they are all awesome!

  21. Beautiful photos! I love the one of them dancing/spinning outdoors neat the fountain.

  22. michele10:08 AM

    I'd say the kiss in the garden picture. But they are all lovely. I love your work and checkout your blog almost daily. :0)

  23. (The Bride and Groom)
    Anne wow!! We love the pictures of our special day. Not only are ALL the pictures amazing but, you were a great support for us on our wedding day. Us along with our family and friends have been telling and showing everyone how wonderful you are. Thank you so much!!!
    P.S. We love reading the comments!

  24. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Anne, They all wonderful. It's hard for the mother of the groom to pick. You did a great job of capturing who A.J. and Jenn really are. I love the one of them in the garden kissing and the one of my granddaughter watching Jenn is amazing. Can't wait to see all the other pictures. Thank you so much!

  25. First time I have come across your blog and all I can say is WOW!! Your work is truly incredible and these are gorgeous images - they are all fantastic. If I must pick a favorite I will vote for the fountain shot!

  26. I LOVE the one of the flower girl watching the bride, the lighting is magnifique!

  27. Well, it has to be the first kiss, doesn't it? What a commitment to wait that long! Also, I LOVE the subtle shadow of his hair on her face. So sweet.

    I forgot to mention that I spent my childhood at Clifty Falls - ah the memories. Whatta great location :D

  28. Wow, Ann, I love your work! I am a faithful reader of your blog, but neglect to post ever because I read it and view the images in my google blog reader... sorry I'm so lazy about leaving comments. In addition to your gorgeous REAL sensitivity to your human subjects and moments, we are also huge admirers of your clean crisp smooth post-processsing. Yum.


  29. these photos are so the one of the mirror in the car!

  30. This was totally unscientific since several people voted for more than one, but it's a tie between the flowergirl and the garden kiss - soooo... they'll get enlargements of both! ;-) Thank you so much for voting for your favorites!!


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