Another WPJA Win!

posted on: July 4, 2007

I'm a few weddings away from posting their entire wedding, but I had to share because this great moment from Nicole & Darric's wedding placed in the latest WPJA contest!! It was a such a great moment, and I'm glad the judges agreed. ;-)

Here are the judge's comments:
The warmth of this image really compliments the quietness of the subtle moment of the bride dabbing a tear. The strong sidelight adds depth and definition to the scene. It's a great overall scene-setter, too. Seeing the entire wedding party table and some of the ambiance of the room adds good context. This image also does a good job of telling the entire story. Photographer chose a good angle to the right of and slightly behind the toaster, but more attention to the white balance setting would have made the image even stronger - while warm is better than cool, this is too warm.

It's nice to get feedback on what to improve along with the compliments. I really like that about WPJA - very high standards for their photographers!!

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  1. Chad Franz6:29 AM

    What a freakin' rock star!! Congrats, girl!

  2. Way to go, lady!! You rock!

  3. amanda reynolds6:48 PM

    CONGRATS, you deserve it!!!!

  4. Anonymous12:34 PM

    great picture...what venue was this at? from, a bride still looking for a reception location in the midwest.

  5. Mavris Arts & Event Center in Indianapolis, IN.


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