LOVE IT: 10 Reasons Why I Love Pictage

posted on: February 22, 2010

I've been a Pictage Photographer for almost 5 years now and I can honestly say that every single year my experience has been better and better. With the recent change in leadership, Pictage has become a true lovemark and partner in taking care of me and my clients. With the amount of travel I do, I need to have instant access to my images, albums, and slideshows no matter where in the world I am, and Pictage has always been there for me. While there have been a few growing pains along the way, it has always been in the relentless pursuit of improving services and products based on photographer suggestions and feedback.

I know there are a lot of people out there who struggle getting their photography business off the ground, or who spend so much of their time doing everything on their own and end up sacrificing their quality of life or their dedication to their clients. I'm not receiving any compensation for sharing this and I'm not asking you to participate in any referral program. I'm simply providing my own reasons for why I enjoy working with Pictage, and you're welcome to read them or ignore them. I'm happy to answer any questions you have in the comments link at the bottom of this post and please note that I have provided many links to more detailed explanations of what everything means.

1. Unlimited high resolution off-site storage and back-up of all images.
2. On demand FTP access and downloading of all previously uploaded images.
3. 100% guarantee on all the products they offer with great customer service.
4. A variety of viewing and searching options in the galleries to make browsing more efficient.
5. Customizable photographer and client folders make finding selections of images super easy.
6. Online album design software and service fully accessible and editable from any computer.
7. Several different levels of gallery privacy for ultimate client protection.
8. Beautiful packaging, a variety of shipping options, complete order fulfillment.
9. Payment plans and automated billing with advance automated reminders for clients.
10. Online gift certificates, sales, discounts, and free print campaigns for clients.
11. Quick & easy slideshows with great royalty free music stored on Pictage servers.
12. A private online community message board of Pictage photographers and great educational opportunities through PUG meetings, Podcasts, and the annual Partner Conference. Not to mention special member discounts on other services in the industry.

OK, so that was more than 10, but I didn't want to leave anything out. My first weddings were uploaded to Pictage during a 6 month discount on Pictage's Pro Plan about 5 years ago, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't have been able to grow my business without all of the help and services that they've provided me and my clients along the way. I want to publicly express my sincerest thanks to the entire Pictage Team who continues to be my support system behind the scenes!

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  1. Wow Anne.

    Thanks so much. It was pretty humbling to read this this morning. I'll have to give you a hug next time I see you. This will mean a lot to the folks back at the office. It'll be a little wind in their sails.

    We're working hard to earn this kind of praise. That tends to mean we spend all of our time looking at what we do wrong. (we think there's plenty!) When something like this comes out of nowhere - as this did - it kind of stops us and gets us to take a breath.

    What's next is what's important.



  2. It was really our little chat at that burrito place in Boston that sealed the deal for me about signing up with Pictage. Thanks for being such an inspiration. You helped me see how I could conduct my business better, more efficiently and in the end serve my clients with the respect, professionalism and timeliness they deserve. Pictage is THE tool that I will come to depend on moving forward and it was your introduction to them that set things up for me. So, once again, Thank you!!

  3. Hi Anne, I just came across your site. Nice work. I really like that photo of the couple under the illuminated tree. I run an online music licensing store called 300 Monks and recently started getting more business from wedding filmmakers. We have a nice collection of cinematic pieces in our Underscore-Romantic Comedy and Wedding Film Music sections. I would love to know what you think and if you have any feedback for us.



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