Yellow Rose Inn Wedding - Karen & Tim

posted on: March 19, 2007

Karen & Tim had a very romantic wedding with tons of casual elegance topped off with a dollop of fun! This couple just oozes joy and happiness in everything they do. When I first talked to Karen, she had so many crazy things happen to her that would make most people pull their hair out or sink into depression - but she always managed to laugh it all off and concentrate on the positive.. I really admire strength like that!!

When I first heard that their wedding and reception would be held at a bed & breakfast in Indianapolis, IN called The Yellow Rose Inn, I instantly knew it would be charming! Little did I know how much I would fall in love with the place once I actually saw it in person! Such a fabulous location with tons of photographic opportunities!!! After the ladies sat down for their breakfast at the Inn, they headed off to Studio 2000 in monument circle (just above the Starbucks). I loved the whole art deco feel of the building, and what a great view of the circle!

From time to time I get asked to photograph the guys getting ready, so what exactly do guys do before their wedding? 90% of them watch the game on TV, eat some food, and maybe have a beer. It takes them like 3 minutes to put their tux on and usually no one helps them with it. So... feel free to give him a few responsibilities on the wedding day... after all, you have to get up before noon... it's only fair that he should too!! (Sorry guys!)

Isn't Karen absolutely stunning? I swear she looks like she came straight from a victorian painting... just gorgeous!! And I loooove her bouquet with red feathers!! I love feathers with flowers- they add such an interesting texture and touch of whimsical to a bouquet!

The ceremony was held under the tent in the backyard and her brother walked her down the garden path..

After the ceremony, they had a cocktail hour on the porch while the tent was undergoing its transformation. What a bunch of happy, beautiful people!!

You have no idea how much I wanted to snag one of those chocolate covered strawberries as I was photographing this... they looked sooo good!! Luckily Karen & Tim beat me to it! ;-)

The band, The Noteables, were a really swanky bunch. They were really sensitive musicians always aware of what was going on and what the appropriate music and volume was... not to mention, they can crank out those swing tunes!

I love finding interesting lighting after the sun goes down. Even though I never had a chance to get Karen & Tim up to the rooftop, I still managed to grab a neat view of the downtown skyline while I was up there. Congratulations Karen & Tim!!! You deserve many, many, many more days of pure happiness!!!

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  1. Stunning... And Chocolate covered weddding cake is pretty classy...

  2. Gorgeous images Anne! So inspiring!

  3. Fantastic work! Love the shot of Karen on the little couch (I'm sure there is a word for it but it is still early here....). You are consistantly at the top of your game, congratulations!

  4. anne these are so great! i hope one day i get to photograph a wedding there. it looks perfect. :)

  5. astonishing as ever, great work.
    And yes - that bouquet is something special!!!

  6. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Anne these images are stunning. The shot of the bride on the settee is absolutely gorgeous!!! The cake
    shot of the couple is really fun. You captured the
    elegance of the day beautifully.

  7. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! amazing lighting and great emotion. anne rocks!!

  8. Seriously my favorite wedding of yours EVER! I love that bridal of her on the settee and the one that follows it on the slideshow!

  9. I love the shot of the band! It has such a nostalgic, classic mood and moment. Great work! See you next week!


  10. Anne! Awesome as usual! Love the cake shot and the band in black and white. So classic. The bride is beautiful. Love the couch shot composition.

  11. Very stunning work, indeed. You know I'm studying your work, so I always look forward to your posts.
    Ann, if you have a chance to read this, could you share your lighting set up for most of your indoor shots?

  12. Thank you so much for the compliments!! I'm just lucky to work with such beautiful people.

    My indoor lighting is simple.. if there's available light, I use it. If it's not enough, I add some bounced flash, diffused flash, or off camera flash. Being under a white tent gives you lots of options for bouncing!

  13. These are aboslutely amazing! You are an inspiration!

  14. these are just gorgeous..what a venue! I can't keep my eyes off these are so good at what you do!!!! :)

    Jen Lee

  15. What a beautiful has such an old school glamorous feel to it. Love the way you captured it all!

  16. Your processing on these images is absolutely beautiful! Skin tones are dead on and color is so vibrant! Great work. From your fellow photographer friends, Brooke and Eric


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