Yellow Rose Inn - Indianapolis Bed and Breakfast

posted on: January 27, 2007

A few months ago I shot a wedding for Karen & Tim at the Yellow Rose Inn, and I just fell in love with the place as soon as I walked in the front door! It's like a little paradise tucked into the historic neighborhoods of downtown Indianapolis. When Betty (the owner) recently referred a bride to me, I wanted to send her a little thank you by giving her some images that I had taken during the wedding. She and her staff have such an acute attention to detail that it was hard not to notice all of the little things that they went out of their way to make extra special. I think what I love most about this Bed & Breakfast, is that even though it is very beautiful and elegant, it still maintains a sense of comfort and coziness. Check out the Yellow Rose Inn website to see more beautiful images of this historic home!!





Entry Mural

Living Room

Yellow Roses

Dining Room

Suite Bathroom

Accessories & Bathtub Detail

With Karen's look, doesn't it almost look like a completely different era?

The backyard tent went from ceremony to reception in less than an hour! That's pretty impressive!
Tented Wedding

While the set-up was getting changed in the tent, they had a lovely cocktail hour on the side porch...
Side Porch

Whoa-la! Transformation complete!
Tented Reception

Look at these details... it just doesn't get better than natural light!

The food was delcious!

There was even enough room for a seven piece band! Just fabulous!!

I'll probably be posting more images from Karen & Tim's wedding in a little over a week, but I loved the Inn so much that I wanted to give it its own separate post! ;-)

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  1. GORGEOUS! The place and the bride! Can't wait to see the pictures...hurry up your post work will ya!

  2. You know how much I hate RUSHING a GOOD THING!!!


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