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posted on: March 16, 2007

(NOTE: There's a chance to win a FREE photographer for your wedding at the bottom of this post!!)

I don't watch much TV, and when I do, it's usually CNN or Comedy Central. I never really got into sitcoms (because I don't watch TV regularly- so I don't really keep up with the character story lines), except for Ally McBeal. I was so addicted to Ally McBeal! Here's a fun clip from Ally just to show how off-the-wall it was. A little backstory before you watch the clip: the show was based in a law firm, which had a co-ed bathroom, and each character was so tied up in their own little world that they often did things in public that we would usually only do in private or in our heads... so this clip is an example of the characters acting out their inner dialogue....

I'm not sure why the show ended other than it was probably incredibly creatively draining to come up with such original material week after week! If they didn't have a large enough following... it's because they were perhaps a little too quirky for people, which is unfortunate. Every time I heard about a new sitcom from the same producer, David E. Kelley - I always gave it a chance, but nothing ever really captivated me the way that Ally did. They just weren't quirky enough, or they were intended for a different target market. So, when I heard about the new show, Wedding Bells, of course my interest was piqued because I'm in the wedding industry but also because it seemed to be just the right kind of environment to let the writers get a little crazy again. Here's the promo from YouTube...

I don't know how long it's been since I've watched anything on FOX. Most of the things that I've run into on their network in the last few years have been culturally insensitive and socially dumbing. While Wedding Bells may not be a huge departure from that slippery slope, I did find something in tonight's episode that made me raise an eyebrow and want to watch again next week. When they challenged the social assumption that a flamboyant man must be gay- by assuring us three times that he was, in fact, very straight - I tilted my head and thought... I might actually enjoy this show... especially if they can continue to crush stereotypes like that! If nothing else, it would be great comic relief every Friday night before a Saturday wedding!! I think this is also kind of a testament to how huge the wedding industry has become - whether that's good or bad is still undetermined, but if nothing else, it'll be fun while it lasts! (I have to give a big kudos to the for snagging up the website Whether it was planned in advance or not, it's a great strategy to bring people to their site!!!)

***************** WIN A FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER *****************
The show is also running a sweepstakes (aka marketing survey) in which you can win a FREE photographer from LIFE Magazine to capture your wedding day. Of course, you don't get to see the photographer's portfolio first, but you trust that it will be good since they work for such a major publication. The contest ends 4/7/07 and you must be getting married between 7/1/07 and 6/30/08. CLICK HERE to enter!!! If one of my brides is lucky enough to win - I'll be so happy for you!!!

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  1. I watched this last week and again last night. I enjoyed it but the photographer seemed to be more interested in himself than the wedding.

    It must have been an editing mistake when they cut from the bouquet toss right to the photographer in the middle of a chat with his boss. Do photographers really miss the bouquet on purpose?

  2. I think it's funny... but, I'm also not a male photographer! If I were a male photographer, I'd probably be a little offended as to how they portray the wedding photog character! He is pretty hot though... so you've got that going for ya! In any case, it's kind of classic FOX characterization - they like to make everyone seem like crazed nymphos ripped from the pages of a Freudian textbook!

  3. It better show up on iTunes really quick because I work on Friday nights! I NEVER get to watch the water cooler gossip shows! Ugh!!

  4. Tell me if it's like this for you...

    I'm in the computer industry. Whenever I see a TV show like CSI or Dangerous Minds I just roll my eyes with their "Let me just hack into the FBI super-secret DNA database" in 5 minutes.

    Do you watch Wedding Belles and just say, "that's not how it is in real life?"

  5. I don't know.... I found myself laughing more often because I thought they were pretty true to life!! Maybe it's the difference between a drama and a comedy. Comedy shows get to make fun of who we really are, while dramas try to create a world that we wish we could live in? I don't know.. what do you think?


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