LOVE IT: The Swapaholics

posted on: September 26, 2010


The Swapaholics combine three of my favorite things: fashion, recycling, and an amazing deal! If you've never been to a Swapaholic event, there's no better time than during Boston Fashion Week to check out their Sip & Swap this Thursday at Arts at the Armory in Somerville! Founders Amy Lynn Chase, owner of Haberdash Vintage, and Melissa Massello, creator of Shoestring Magazine, make a powerful pair of fearless fashion finders, bringing their  expertise together for the benefit of lucky swappers. Armed with an impressive team of volunteers, each event provides an opportunity to trade in your less-wanted items for something you'll love more! The best part? You know the entire stash is fresh that day direct from other swappers just like you, and whatever doesn't go home- doesn't come back- it heads off to Salvation Army where the less informed can wade through racks of unwanted clothing and pay more for one piece than you traded for all you can carry!  Want to be in the know before you go?  Check out these  6 Tips for Becoming an Expert Swapaholic!

I had a ton of fun documenting the Canal District Clothing Swap earlier this year, and even did a mini-fashion shoot with Jen Loves Kev and Orchid Grey, who are part of the Delightful Dozen collective of fashion bloggers who trade fashion pieces and interpret them in new ways.



Click play on the slideshow below to see my coverage of the entire swap!

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  1. hey Anne, thanks for the love! the photos looked great by the way!


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