WANTED: CSS Blogger Designer Extraordinaire

posted on: February 21, 2013

I loved working with Madeline to create the current blogger design I have, but because she's not on the market anymore, I'm looking out for a new CSS-coding, design-loving, blog-building extraordinaire to help me create a new cleaner layout and design.

Here's the dig- everyone I've talked to so far wants me to ditch blogger for wordpress and I don't want to.  Look, I get that Wordpress is easier for you to design, but it also seems to have more problems than blogger.  I have YEARS of yummy SEO goodness built into this here blogger blog, I understand the back-end, it's super fast loading because it's hosted on Google servers, and gosh darnit- people like it- as in, they've already bookmarked and RSS subscribed the crap out of this blog and I'd really hate to loose the lovely audience I've built only to start from scratch again.  Now, I MAY consider switching to Wordpress for my regular portfolio website... but I really need someone who doesn't run screaming from the thought of customizing a blogger blog.

This is my S.O.S. to the world... well, S.O.B.... but not that kind of S.O.B.... anyway...

Perhaps YOU aren't a CSS blogger genius, but you KNOW someone who is?  I'm reaching out to you because you're smart, resourceful, savvy- and I know you get me and what I'm about.  Please share this with a blogger customizing extraordinaire so I will no longer be tempted to make a Harlem Shake video to attract attention to myself...

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