Gratitude Journal #3 - Will You Join Me?

posted on: November 26, 2010

Today I'm so grateful for you. I'm so thankful that you take the time to read my blog. Even if you've never left a comment, I know you're there and that you care. You've seen that I've started a gratitude journal on my blog to share the ways in which I'm inspired by the thoughtfulness and kindness of others. I would like to expand this experience across multiple blogs to encourage more people to recognize and share the beauty of others around them. Together our small stories can make a big impact.

Will you join me?

When you're ready, post a gratitude journal of your own on your blog and leave a link to that blog post here in the comments. Once I get your link, I'll visit your blog, read your gratitude journal and leave a comment with a link back to my latest gratitude journal. We can do this exchange as often as you'd like! To be consistent, write "Gratitude Journal" in your blog title so that it can easily be found. I would love for each gratitude journal to serve as a starting point for exploring the ways in which we can all be more beautiful, gracious, and loving people. I can't wait to read your stories and be inspired by you!!!

Hugs and love,

Photo taken at Pizzuti Studios!

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  1. Carol Schoch4:20 PM

    Great idea Anne! I would love to get you connected w/ my daughter, Christen, who lives in Chelsea! She is, among other things, a singer- songwriter who would like to share her music w/ others.

    I am thankful for our wonderful husband, children, friends, health and the many rich, cultural experiences I have had over my many years that have led me to where I am today. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm grateful for knowing you, Anne and being inspired by you. Here's a gratitude journal blog posting by me - nope I didn't include gratitude journal in the title, sorry - it didn't start out that way, but ended that way.

  3. Hello! Paddington says 'allo too. I don't have an active blog at the moment, but my "Gratitude 140 (chars)" would be that I am very grateful for the family that remember me despite the fact that we are all far apart this year. I'm also very grateful for Kyle's family, who have treated me like one of their own ever since the passing of my sister this fall. I'm grateful my sister is at peace finally, and grateful that I have the chance to life to the fullest for both of us now - although I must admit that does feel a bit daunting sometimes. ;) at this very very moment, I am thankful for comfy foods like stuffing and yummy mashed potatoes and all the people who make them for me. :)

    Ok, I guess that is more than 140 chars. ! But thanks for the chance to post and be grateful - puts my head in the right place for the day. :D

  4. Beej - I'm so grateful you shared here, which is better than not sharing anywhere ;-)

  5. Hi Anne;

    I am thankful that you are who you are :) and for SOOO many other things.

    Here's my Thanksgiving gratitude Journal.



  6. Aunt Renee6:31 PM

    Anne---what a lovely pic of you and you have such a beautiful smile! I see my sis in you but there is also a sparkle of your own. Hope your holidays are full of joy and happiness. God Bless you. Love, Aunt Renee

  7. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Thank you Anne! This helped pull me back to center tonight.


  8. I"m grateful to have met you at Open Studios Saturday, not just b/c of the fun photo shoot, but because of your truly inspiring post on anger.
    It expresses exactly how I feel. As I writer, I usually don't let people speak for me, but in this instance, I'm letting your words do the job.

    Thanks so much! You've helped me identify something truly important.

  9. I am grateful that I ran into your blog today. I find you extremely inspiring in so many ways. From one green photog to another - Thank you.

  10. Anonymous3:07 AM

  11. I've started my gratitude journal thanks to you and you can read it here


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