POLL: The Knot vs. Brides

posted on: November 20, 2009

Quick question:  Would you rather be featured in Bride's Magazine or The Knot Magazine?  Which accompanying website?  Please respond in the poll, or if you can't see it (iphone users) respond in the comments and let us know if you're a photographer or a bride (or another wedding vendor!)  I'd love to hear your reasons too!

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  1. I'm a pro photog, but as a bride (4 years ago) I always leaned torwards theknot.com for most of my wedding resources. I found The Knot is more contemporary, while Brides had a more modern take. Today there are a lot more local resources that I would probably go to rather than large national databases...

  2. Barbara10:12 AM

    My husband and I have a wedding photog business, but when I was a bride I looked at TheKnot for overall info. More important to me were local resources listed at HudsonValleyWeddings.com and local people that I had known for a long time and that I trusted to do a fabulous job.

  3. The nice thing is that both magazines do local publications for major markets - so you can actually get local within a large publication.

  4. The knot for online, Brides for print! I was a bride and while I looked at both mags, I only bought Brides. I loved the knot.com and used it for a big part of my online research.

  5. Definitely go for knot.com. At least more people can see your work.But I can understand your dilemma because there's nothing like seeing your photographs on print.


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