Happy Birthday Haydn!!

posted on: August 12, 2008

If you know OF the The Weibners- than you know how awesome their work is. If you KNOW the Weibners, than you know how awesome they are as a couple, and as a family. I really admire photographers who somehow manage to run their photography business while still having a solid family connection- which is exactly what I see in Rita and Joel. (Bowing down to their badassedness!) By a twist of fate, I happened to be in Hershey, PA for a wedding while Haydn was celebrating his birthday at the Hershey Chocolate World! I love documenting kids doing their own thing - so I was happy to capture a little glimpse of life for Haydn and family that day. ;-)

Here are some of my favorites....
Haydn's Birthday 0001.jpg

Haydn, standing tall in his cool digs, with his new fake iPod (which will be upgraded to a real one if he's good with it), waiting for his friends to arrive...
Haydn's Birthday 0002.jpg

Haydn's Birthday 0004.jpg

This body language says, "No fair. I want a fake iPod."
Haydn's Birthday 0003.jpg

Haydn: "If you put your ear next to my ear, you can hear it too."
Joel (dad): "Why don't you just let him have one of the ear buds?"
Haydn: "I don't want to break it! I just got it!"
me: *chuckles*
Haydn's Birthday 0005.jpg

Hershey Lady: "OK everyone - put your hands up in the air until I say start..."
Haydn's Birthday 0006.jpg

The goal of this game was to build a chocolate tower as high as the Hershey cup. BUT you had to make it using as many DIFFERENT pieces of candy as possible (a challenge in the game of listening)! This little dude won because even though his wasn't the highest, he used different pieces of candy to build it... ahhh....
Haydn's Birthday 0007.jpg

The next game was "see how many pieces of candy you can fit into your cup"... aka... clean up the table game. ;-)
Haydn's Birthday 0008.jpg

Skateboards and Pokemon are totally rad gifts for this seven year old!
Haydn's Birthday 0009.jpg

Great Grandma couldn't decide what color nail polish to wear. ;-)
Haydn's Birthday 0010.jpg

A card from one of Haydn's girl friends...
Haydn's Birthday 0011.jpg

He definitely got his wish!
Haydn's Birthday 0012.jpg

Cake+Ice Cream+Candy....
Haydn's Birthday 0013.jpg

... equals sugar rush!
Haydn's Birthday 0014.jpg

Haydn's Birthday 0015.jpg

Haydn's Birthday 0016.jpg

Then comes the sugar crash...
Haydn's Birthday 0017.jpg

Boys are icky!
Haydn's Birthday 0018.jpg

"Check out my belt!" Style is very important to Haydn... watch out mom & dad $$$!!!
Haydn's Birthday 0019.jpg

Chocolate world gives a free tour of a pretend chocolate factory and it looks like you can grab candy right off of the factory conveyor belts... perhaps it was a bit too realistic! ;-)
Haydn's Birthday 0020.jpg

Happy Dad...
Haydn's Birthday 0021.jpg

Caring Mom...
Haydn's Birthday 0022.jpg

I had a ton of fun with the family!!! I'd totally do it again any time! ;-)

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  1. I'm so glad you got to go to Chocolate World! Love the card and the wish photos. I found out about the Wiebners from reading the Central PA board on the knot. They are amazing!


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