She drank like a fish...

posted on: December 10, 2007

As I was editing down the next set of images, this photo stopped me in my tracks, so I had to share it on its own... with the appropriate title... ;)

"She drank like a fish..."
She drank like a fish

Isn't she the cutest?! ... and those lips!

(I have lots of photo updates coming your way this week! I also have a ton of email to answer! Thanks for hanging in there!)

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  1. This is fantastically funny! Thanks for brightening my day :)


  2. Great photo! She is too cute!

  3. Just like Brandy J, LOL!!!

  4. Wow! She is so gorgeous! I love this picture!!!!!! :)

  5. Too cute! LOVE IT!

    katrina + andrew

  6. Suzie Heath12:45 PM

    She is so sweet! Those eyes are beautiful! God job, Anne!

  7. how adorable is that!?!?! Who knew drinking like a fish could be so en vogue!

  8. DARLING!! :o) Good luck with your upcoming busy schedule!! sheesh! you'll be great though!


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