Holly & Sam's Wedding

posted on: November 26, 2007

When I did Holly & Sam's engagement photos - I came to find out that they were the perfect compliment to each other. They are the calm to each other's storm and they both bring new elements to each other's lives that makes them stronger as a couple. I think anyone who knows them will agree that their chemistry is impossible to contain.

This is one of those pictures that usually elicits a comment like, "why are you taking a picture of that?!?" My answer is often, "because I think it's interesting." It's not the bride & groom who ask these questions, because they pretty much expect me to take a bunch of "weird" pictures... it's usually the moms, bridesmaids, guests, etc. who are expecting me to only take "normal" pictures. So - if you're a bride, I encourage you to share my blog with your family or wedding party so that they're "prepared" when it comes to your wedding day! ;)

I really like the symmetry of the crinoline on the left and the wedding dress on the right, with the perfectly framed towels in between. Wherever your wedding dress is, that's where I'll photograph it!

Holly's maid of honor was too shy to give a toast, so the next bridesmaid stepped up to the plate that morning and together they worked out the perfect speech.

With Holly's permission, I get to show you one photo from a super-mini bridal boudoir session we had before she got into her dress. It was no more than 5 or 10 minutes, but she had some extra time to kill before heading to the ceremony site, and it was something she had always wanted to do for Sam. Doesn't she look HOT?! ;) BTW- that's all natural beauty - no photoshop work!!

For their wedding, they had lavender details with pink accents, a candy buffet, and a sand ceremony - which has become the outdoor substitute to the unity candle...

One detail not to be missed: Holly included a special memorial charm on her bouquet as a reminder of her grandfather.

... and just for fun, here's a picure of me taking a picture of Delia taking a picture of the family frames - HA!

The guys hung out in the bar while the guests started to arrive..

The moment that Sam sees Holly for the first time... I just love how he's trying to hold back his emotional response- it's just so genuine. ;)

Their ceremony was held outdoors at Greystone Golf Club in Romeo, MI a perfect day with big puffy clouds against a blue sky!

I love the movement and negative space in the next image.. it's as if there's so much more to come.

Ahhh yes, family portraits... loving, loving, family portraits...

This was one of Holly's special requests: to get a picture of her maid of honor's "real smile". Isn't she gorgeous? It kills me when people don't believe they're as beautiful as everyone else thinks they are!

Candy Buffets are for kids of all ages..

This may have been a little bit more of a roast than a toast, but we loved it!

I just loved the DJ's lights.. they gave me a lot to play with. ;)

That last image is one of my favorites. Near the end of the Mother/Son dance, Sam's Mom invited Holly to the dance floor to dance with them. Such a beautiful moment. I haven't encountered many mother-in-laws that will go out of their way to do that!

"For every couple that gets on the dance floor, 1 year of happiness will be added to their marriage..."

I LOVE it when grooms get on the dance floor! "Go Sam, go Sam, go, go, go Sam!"

Can't you just feel the love?!

Holly & Sam - thank you SO much for sharing your lives and your hearts with me. If there's ever a doubt in anyone's mind about your love for each other, just send them to me and I'll show them the proof! I miss you and I hope I get to see you again!!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving - and say hi to Michigan!

  2. Anne! You rock! I've never had pictures bring me to tears...better than I could have imagined. Thank you.

  3. lori orlando8:23 PM

    aww Anne I can't stop crying tears of joy when I see my Baby and his wife.

  4. That candy buffet shot is hilarious... I love it :)
    You really do capture the "moments" and I am never disappointed when I check out your work... nicely done!


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