Holly & Sam Engagement

posted on: December 13, 2006

This engagement session almost didn't happen! When we planned to shoot Holly & Sam's engagement session, it was originally supposed to take place at a cider mill, with beautiful fall colors. However, a huge storm with chilling high winds rolled in that day and changed our plans. I was watching the doppler radar via internet all day long and determined that we should find a location that would allow us to utilize natural light, while still being covered from the elements. My choice: Belle Isle with its beautiful conservatory and covered porch around the casino building. I started getting tons of ideas about all of these great shots we could do that would incorporate raindrops, the conservatory settings, etc. However, plans had to change yet again when I arrived early to find that the conservatory was under renovation that day. Talk about bad luck!! Despite all of this, the show HAD to go on because I wasn't going to be back in Michigan for a while!!

Even under the covered porch of the building, it was incredibly windy on all but one side. Fortunately, all of that wind was pushing the storm out of the area, so the rain finally stopped, but it was still FREEEZING!! Holly & Sam were such troopers about braving the cold!! I made sure we took several "warm up" breaks by driving around in the car with the heat on. ;-)

Once the sun broke through a few clouds, the sky and lighting were AMAZING!!! It made weathering the storm, and sticking to our plans totally worth while.

(for some reason, cross processed images feel very "Detroit" to me)

The wind was an issue from time to time, but we found ways to make it work for us.

Normally I don't like really "dark" images, but I think I was inspired to create some after we had such a dark day.

When I was planning on rain, I had made some really cool plans to shoot through a rainy car window among some other awesome ideas (that I'll have to try with another couple), but with no rain drops on the windows, I quickly changed plans and created the shot below and the cool rear-view mirror shot inside the car where we were nice and warm! Despite all of the challenges leading up to our shoot... I would have to say that this was a total success!!

Technical notes for photographers: None of the images above were photoshopped other than sharpening for web and adding my logo. All of the post-processing work was done in Adobe Lightroom Beta. If you'd like to see the original straight from camera JPEG images, CLICK HERE to view the entire set of processed and unprocessed images on flickr. If you're a photographer and you haven't tried Lightroom yet, make sure you check it out while it's still free in Beta version.

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  1. Casey Chappell9:04 AM

    Wow! That's what I say each time I look at your latest postings. You're amazing Anne. I've been a fan for a while and just keep getting more inspired the more I watch your work. Thanks for letting us be a part of your day to day shoots.
    This couple I know is in love with these photots! I love hearing about how photographers handle and make the best of difficult situations (storms, closings, etc..) Way to go.
    Best Wishes!

  2. Awwwww shucks, you're so sweet Casey!!!

  3. just wanted to say thanks for putting up your originals, too! I use lightroom as well and love it but always felt guilty that my pics don't look better straight out of the camera... i always assumed the 'pros' got their results straight away...but now I'm encouraged!!! Thanks!

  4. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Holly and Sam you guys look so gorgeous! I am so happy for you!
    Love, Brooke

  5. totally love the stormy shot right before the "dark" one... really great stuff again. Although I don't harbour any hopes of being a real photographer myself, you sure do make me want to tinker with things! (not that i've tried yet!)

  6. Lance, I felt that way too when I started out and eventually I realized that what set "great" photographers apart from "good" photographers was the eye to edit out everything ugly, and then to make what was good even better. I think the key is to never stop learning and to always analyze your work.

    Jamie, it's never too late to start and there's nothing to lose! (Except maybe lots and lots of time) ;-)


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