Tracy & Jeff's Wedding

posted on: October 11, 2007

Tracy & Jeff are two of the sweetest people I've met and they absolutely glow when they're together!!! Their wedding had vintage inspired details of lace and ribbons, but with an updated color palette of deep purples, bold pinks, and soft champagne. I've always loved looking at inspiration boards pieced together by designers, so I thought I'd create one to show off all the wedding details in one place! ;)

Her shoes were FABULOUS!!! Check out that ruffle detail..

A few rose petals go a long way to soften up the pavement and the urns with roses and branches made a great focal point for the ceremony site..

OK - enough of the details... I just had to warm you up before this next image. ;-) Tracy is SO awesome for giving me permission to show this!! This is one of those small things we don't often think about until it's a little too late, but after spending tons of time on getting your hair & makeup just perfect, the last thing you want to do is pull a shirt over your head and potentially mess it all up!! What's a girl to do if she's not wearing a button down shirt?? Cut if off!! Could their expressions be any funnier?! Tracy reminds me of a superhero getting ready for action! I LOVE IT!

Just before walking down the aisle...

Mom couldn't hold back any longer..

The way Jeff smiles when he looks at Tracy is just heart melting... and he ONLY smiles like that when she's around.

A very sweet reading of lyrics from "I Will Be Here" by Stephen Curtis Chapman.

This is what happens if you show up late to the ceremony..

Rain clouds were rolling in quickly and there were a few drops of rain here and there, but one of the things that Tracy really wanted was a large group picture of all of her guests. The coordinator really tried to persuade us not to do it, but if they were lucky enough to hold off the rain for their ceremony, I think they were lucky enough to have time for a large group shot. This bridge had a good vantage point and was nearby, so we called the guests over and went for it! Now that I think about it... that bridge probably wasn't made to hold that many people but we got the shot and no one fell in, so it was a success!!

Such a sweet moment..

The weather seemed to be holding off, so we took time to get a little creative...

Tracy's veil was so long and the wind was throwing it all over the place. I just love how this image represents romance in times of stormy weather, which somehow seems very fitting for Tracy & Jeff... I think they'll be able to weather a lot together.

As photographers, we love to show the romance and fantasy of the day (after all, that's what sells), but let's get real here... this is what it's really like, and the more photographers/videographers/coordinators you have - the more crowded this scene gets. A big hug to Delia (pictured here in the middle) who has been apprenticing with me for most of my Michigan weddings, and doing a great job. I generally shoot alone, and all of the images you see here are mine, but I'm happy to let photographers second shoot with me for the experience and my brides always seem happy to have more paparazzi around. (Sorry I don't remember who the videographers were!)

Motion is really difficult to communicate in a still photograph, but I made it a secret mission for this wedding to really communicate movement in different ways...

So what do you think? Mission accomplished?

There were some great toasts!

I love it when kids get bored..

Since the wedding and reception were at Burning Tree Golf Club in Macomb, MI; Tracy wanted to have a little fun on the golf course after dinner and the important dances were out of the way, so she slipped on her cozy Converse and off we went..

I just don't know what to say about this except that Jeff is a very brave and trusting man!!

Thank you so much Tracy & Jeff!! I love you guys and hope you have lots and lots of super cute babies that I can photograph when I go back to visit Michigan!!!

BLOG READERS: Please vote for your favorite image by leaving a comment below!! The blog reader favorite will be given to Tracy & Jeff as a gift 8x10 print (but they get all the files anyway, so vote for your FAVORITE, even if it's not the purdiest.)

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  1. KellyT8:43 AM

    Anne, these are just fantastic! Tracy & Jeff look like a lot of fun, and you did a wonderful job capturing that in their photos. I love them all!

    I think my personal fav has to be the stormy weather veil shot. That's just so dramatic and I would have loved to have a shot like that from my wedding. :)

  2. Hi Anne,

    my favourite's the one with the veil and the clouds shot from low.

    Stormy weather

    To be honest I don't like some of the motion mission photos that much. I'm not a big fan of those ghost images that tend to appear when you use flash together with longer exposure (as in "grand entrance"). But I do love the "runaway bride" one.


  3. jamie8:58 AM

    personally, i like those giant group shots, and that bridge is pretty cool. Good thing it didn't break!
    Nice work as usual!

  4. Wow, these are seriously gorgeous. I have to pick the stormy weather veil one too! But it was a toss up between that one and the spinny dance motion one. It was a close second :-)

  5. I think my fav is the last of the motion mission photos...with the bride and groom from behind. I love that you take chances and experiment with stuff like that. It's what makes your work inspiring. :-)

  6. These are wonderful! I really love your work.

  7. I ADORE the shoes so I'm going to vote for the shoe picture! I"m also going to ask you what the brand was (I couldn't quite make it out from the picture) because I want some!! :)

  8. Allegra- Aren't they ultra fabulous?! I could totally see you wearing something like that!! The designer is Michael Antonio and they can be found on

  9. My favorite is the 6th from the bottom (bride and groom running from behind) it's gorgeous!

  10. My favorite is the veil/storm shot as well.

    I'm just starting out my photography business in WA and I visit your site frequently for inspiration. You do wonderful work!

  11. Annabel12:34 PM

    I agree that the stormy veil shot is the most striking, but I think the one where she's holding the flag on the golf course and he's putting is SO adorable and totally unique to their day. I love the composition and the way she's holding that flag up.So that gets my vote for favorite!

  12. these are great photos. if i have to pick one it's the 3rd to last one of her holding the golf flag & him putting. i love her pose! the veil shot was a close second.

  13. Tracy1:27 PM

    I hope I get a vote! It has to be the windy veil photo.

    Anne, I never imagined you that you got so many great shots. You didn't miss a detail. I spent way too much time on that stuff. Now I appreciate those little things looking at these pictures:)I AM SOOO ESTATIC!!!! They all turned out beautifully. Thank You so much. You are the best! :)

  14. The windy veil would make an awesome framed print for their home. :)

  15. favorite: Tracy kissing her grandfather on the cheek.

  16. Holly3:40 PM

    Stormy weather veil!

  17. The last golf shot is my fave!

  18. Holy smokes really great images! what a funny story about cuting off her shirt! ;)

  19. Not a shocker coming from me but the last one is my favorite...

  20. Oh and look!! You took this photo of Avery and I :). Avery's Auntie Anne. Thanks Sis.

  21. Hi Anne...I love the stormy weather shot with the vail, but I think my first favorite is the dutch angle looking kiss right before the one with the clouds and the veil.

  22. I love many of these shots, but my vote has to go the very dangerous tee-off shot... It's too funny to imagine an 8x10 print of that hanging somewhere in their house!

  23. aww..I wish I could apprentice you! You have such great work and style! I was just curious, the photo of the apprentice taking shots of the bride (with the videographer in the background ) who is the blonde fixing the bride's dress? Do you have someone else that comes with you to help with things like that or was it a friend of theirs? Just curious,

  24. Jen - the blonde is the wedding coordinator, she was making sure Tracy & Jeff looked gooooood before going back inside. ;)

  25. Teanna11:17 PM

    Wow! These are amazing. My favorite is the shot of him holding her with her Converse shoes on. They are truely a wonderful couple.

  26. Anonymous11:28 PM

    My favorite is the last shot on the bridge. Wonderful photos!

  27. hello there anne, This is gwen from, Philippines i've just dropping to your site,your work was great,.. cool shoots, keep it up and GOD BLESS.


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