posted on: October 29, 2007


Just a quick note to say that I've been traveling and shooting constantly for the past four days with no more than a total of 12 hours sleep. I'm a little pooped. Thank you for understanding while I work to catch up on everything!

Also, it looks like we may not be going on our anniversary cruise because of a "surprise" tropical storm. Any suggestions for last minute alternatives?

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  1. Bummer! Are you and your husband into wine at all? We honeymooned in wine country (Sonoma County) and it was the most WONDERFUL time. I can give you recommendations if you are interested.

  2. Well I guess you can be glad that you are busy!

    Living in Florida, I am still no expert on tropical storms, but I am about nobody canceling anything when the storms or hurricanes are in the way.

    "We don't care, anniversary traveler that you wanted sun and fun - you now get rain and darkness! It is not our fault - we don't control the weather!"

    At least that is what we heard when we were traveling to Cozumel for a trip when a hurricane was coming straight for them! The hotel would only cancel our reservation when the airline canceled our flight. In the end the hotel was flooded and was closed for months to be fixed. Great vacation!

    Looks like the storm will be out of there by next weekend! - So good luck in all!

  3. Too bad about the tropical storm. Maybe you could take a trip to California instead? Aside from the areas that are having fires, that is. I'm from LA so I have a particular attachment to it, but there are some gorgeous places on the central coast too (like the whole stretch in between LA and San Fransisco). Or if you want to get out of the country, how about the Pacific side of Mexico?

  4. Awww - sorry you're so pooped! Same here, so, I know just how you're feeling. I hope it lightens up a little soon - breaks are important, no matter what you're talking about... even art.

    As for a new locale... I can only speak from places I've been (obviously), so... the Northern Rockies (Montana, etc.?) - lots of parks to take in: Tetons, Yosemite, Glacier, etc. ...or I could third the mid-California suggestion. I LOVED Monterey, etc. Beautiful beautiful place.

    Hope something comes together! You guys need some time away without any cares.

  5. Are you looking to have a similar adventure in a far-away land, or keep it a little local due to the change of weather (and resulting loss of money?) A couple friends of mine make a regular habit of visiting B&Bs within a 4-hour drive from their city, and they LOVE it. They've found some local "exotic" getaways...then again, up here in Seattle, we tend to define "exotic" loosely...we have a beautiful rainforest up here, and there's lots of pretty camping places with moss and trees and birds and flowers and amazing nature to enjoy. Some of the B&Bs are situated in the heart of beautiful natural settings. But then, that's the hippie in me, loving the natural seclusion of a forest. ;)


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