Nicole & Darric's Mavris Wedding

posted on: August 22, 2007

Bride & Groom

First of all, could this couple be ANY cuter?!?! Their babies are going to be supermodels! Secondly... this wedding had EVERYONE in tears, and not just during the ceremony, but all night long! There was so much love surrounding Nicole & Darric, it was really inspiring... and I think we managed to use every kleenex in the building.

I can't decide which dress shot I like most, so I posted a few. Which one do you like?!
The Dress
Getting Ready
Dress Detail

Like Father, Like Son
All Dolled Up

Mavris Indianapolis
Nicole & Darric chose the Mavris Arts & Event Center in downtown Indianapolis for their ceremony and reception. They took a very masculine and urban space and transformed it into a fairytale-like setting for their wedding ceremony!

Bride's Entrance

Nicole didn't even get all the way down the stairs before Darric lost it! Now THAT'S love.
Emotional Groom

Butterfly Curtain

Can you believe Nicole made this curtain of butterflies?! Isn't it fabulous?! I love butterflies.
Hanging Butterfly

Some people do unity candles, some do sand ceremonies, but Nicole & Darric chose to do something completely different! An orchid and a vase of water - which they will both replenish each aniversary as a reminder to care for one another always.
Orchid & Water Every Anniversary

Don't they make you want to cry??

This whole family wears their emotion on their sleeves.. I love it!!

Nicole & Darric made most of the their details and they all turned out great!
Centerpiece Detail
Mailbox Card Holder
Ring & Cake Topper Detail

Remember this award winning image? The light is a slaved off-camera flash attached to a tripod set up by the pole to add a little extra light and luckily for me the maid of honor stood in the perfect place for me to backlight her while she was speaking and capture a great scene-setter and emotional moment all in one shot. Not to brag, but this image is just awesome. I did a little more tweaking to the white balance per the judge's comments...
Emotional Toast

Gimmie a Kiss!
It was SUCH a beautiful day outside that most people just wanted to hang out in the backyard, and since I can only take so many pictures of adults talking to each other, I turned my attention to the kids! The best thing about kids is that they live in their own little world full of simple entertainment. ;-)
How many children do you see in this picture?
Water Gardening
Weddings Make Me Sleepy

There's something so endearing about a groom playing with kids on his wedding day. It's just so sweet to think he may be a daddy soon!!
Dancing Machine

If the sky is beautiful and there's an opportunity to take sunset shots, I'm all about taking advantage of beautiful light. I could have turned this into a full silhouette, but I really love that the railroad tracks pick up the colors from the sky and that the deep blue above is reflected off of the bride's dress. I think it add just a little more interest and a subtle and unexpected set of details.
Indianapolis Skyline

I think that the original plan was to have a sparkler exit, but once we reached a certain point in the evening and only half of the guests were left, and the bride & groom still weren't ready to leave- it was time to just have fun with sparklers. The DJ also decided that it was a total waste for him to stay inside when everyone was outside, so he hooked up the speakers outside and Nicole & Darric danced under the stars by the light of their guests. What a perfect ending to a perfect day. ;-)
Fun with sparklers
Surrounded by light

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  1. Oh I love every single one of these photos. I probably couldn't pick a favorite of the dress photos either, but if I had to I'd pick the one with the red wall. And the last photo is just so great. It makes me smile.

  2. Wow. Every single one of these is absolutely incredible. I'm totally digging the silhouette shot. And I think my favorite dress shot is the first one. LOVE IT!

  3. Looove this weddng...everything about it screams love. So awesome!

  4. Amazing Pictures! What a beautiful couple. =)

  5. wowie zowie!! these are awesome!! the light in that ring shot is just incredible, you rock!

  6. My favorite dress shot is the mirror one. (The one in the middle.) Though I also like the one of her in the dress. But if I had to pick a fave, it would still be the mirror.

  7. Gorgeous. Just Gorgeous. I love #3. Great job!

  8. The mirror shot is hands down my fave dress shot. It tells so much more and the bride just looks beautiful in it and the lighting is so stinkin' cool. Definitely the mirror shot.
    This wedding looks like they have love and to share it's wonderful!

  9. Ann,
    Your work is truly awesome and very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!!!


  10. Beautiful! Really...

  11. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Beautiful! You are amazing! I am so excited to see Heidi's photos that I can hardly hold it in. I know her wedding was just a few days ago, but I am stalking your blog daily :) No pressure :)

    BTW, you were so great! My sister was so blessed to have you as her photographer. Wish I had known you when I got married :)

  12. Anne,
    What a lovely way to start the day. That first images is stunning. Actually, they all are stunning! Congratulations to Nicole & Darric, and to you for another beautifully documented wedding!

  13. Yay! It's good to know I'm not the only one stalking your blog. These are amazing pictures, Anne! Again. Anne. Amazing. Pick one of those dress shots? The red wall is surprising and unique, the b/w one is deep, but I wouldn't want to forget the detail on the dress in the last one either ...terribly hard to choose. The silouette shot with some color, the outdoor's overwhelmingly gorgeous and meaningful! BTW, I love the groom's breakdown shot. and her coming down right before. it did make me cry a little. Your photo posts are like little movies!

  14. My fave is the mirror/dress pic for sure. and doesn't the groom crying picture scream WPJA emotion for first prize!?

  15. Hey, Anne! Great work! My favorite dress shot is the second one with the mirror. You are so talented!

  16. Congrats on the WPJA image!

  17. These are super fabulous! I'm going to be the one who doesn't run with the crowd and say my favorite dress shot is the one with her in it. I like that you can see all of the detail in it. I also LOVE that award winning image :) Your stuff rocks!

  18. My goodness Anne, you take my breath away!

  19. Oh my gosh! Those last pictures with them dancing under the light of their guests gave me the chills!! Love it!


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