Joy & Brian's Wedding

posted on: December 15, 2006

As I was looking through these images again, I literally laughed out loud sooo many times!! I think I even woke up my husband a few times because I just could not stop laughing!! Joy & Brian are so much fun, and their families and friends are down-right hilarious!! I'll elaborate when I get to the funny stuff, but for now, take a look at the pretty rings...

Joy's mom pulled out all the stops and brought white gloves to help everyone get dressed!!

The ceremony and reception were held at the beautiful Blossom Heath in St. Clair Shores, MI; and the day was perfect!!

Right as Joy & Brian kissed, their groomsmen released two white doves. The doves flew out of there in a hurry!!! It's amazing I was even able to focus on them!!

Joy used black & white with bright pink roses providing a splash of color! I heard the cake tasted great, but I never got to find out for myself - it definitely looked great!! I wonder if it made a good facial moisturizer too?

It was requested that I do large group shots of the entire families, so while there was a lull during the dinner hour, the DJ had the families come up to the dancefloor for a group picture. I didn't realize I was going to have a free assistant working with me that day!! To my surprise, here comes a friend of the family with his pro gear- bracket and all!! Now, there are a lot of wedding photographers who would get VERY upset about this, but I really don't care, because print sales are just an extra bonus for me. "Uncle Bob" (for lack of knowing his actual name), spent most of his night posing everyone and asking people to look in the camera and smile, which really wasn't much different than "Aunt Jane" who goes table to table with a disposable camera. I don't usually pose people for shots unless it's requested of me, so I'm glad he was doing that on the sidelines and letting me concentrate on what I do best. As you'll see, I had waaaay too much fun capturing all of the candid moments that happened!! Now, say "CHEESE!!!"

Let the dancing begin!!

Joy & Brian had some of the greatest motown music and they tore up the dance floor for their first dance. It was so fun to see a couple choose an upbeat song and put a little swing in their step. (As a side note, all of the music used in their slideshow came from the CD favor they gave to guests at the wedding!) After checking out some of their parent's and grandparent's moves.. I can see who they got their dancing shoes from!!

Shots for everyone!! These people liked to partaaaayyy!!!!

I only wish I could post all of the awesome, crazy, and funny moments that were happening on the dancefloor - but that's what the slideshow is for!! Click on any image to see more images from Joy & Brian's wedding day! Here's my humble attempt to display some of the best moments that aren't tooooo incriminating (the really embarassing ones, I won't post - but I will put in the slideshow!)

And last, but not least, the pièce de résistance... can you guess what dance this is?!?! There's a BIG FAT CLUE on the floor - which also happens to be part of a family tradition.

Joy & Brian - thank you so much for having me on your wedding day!! It was a total blast, and I have plenty of evidence to suggest that everyone enjoyed your wedding as much as I did. ;-)

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