300 Cans for Comments - WOW!

posted on: December 13, 2008

I tallied up the comments on all of my blogs this week, which include this blog, the Weddingbee PRO Blog and the Photo Lovecat Blog and came up with a final count of 294 comments - WOW!! That's a whole lotta love and a whole lotta cans!! For convenience, I'll be translating that into $300 to go grocery shopping with, and here are some of the items I'll be buying based on suggestions from the comments...

Amanda, C.J. Scott, Amber Hughes, Jaclyn Marie, Adrienne, & Tanya all love Annie's Natural Mac & Chese or Shells & Cheddar as much as I do!

Sticky gave me a huge grocery list which I'm happy to accomodate: enchilada sauce, black beans, tuna, mac and cheese, whole wheat pasta, whole peeled tomatoes, artichoke hearts, green beans, kidney beans, crushed tomatoes, saltines, mushrooms
• Spam for Ed Pingol (omg, have you seen the spam website lately??)

Ohana asked me to show my "CANS"- which I'll do later... jeez, I'm not THAT kind of girl!
• Chicken Noodle Soup for Ultimate Image
• Alphagettis or beans for Tracey Waye Kelly
• Peanut butter and honey for Mary Beth
• Kraft Macaroni & Cheese for SoireeLaura, J Castro, thethirddegree, and Nicole Hensley
• Canned pineapples for Vanita
• Spagettios for Adam Tyler
• Tomato Soup for Lisette Price
• Peanut Butter for Tracy Robinson and ShainaPearcePhotography

• Whole Wheat Pasta for Sarah Brittain
• Ramen Noodles for Kay Beaton
• Tuna for Lori
• Canned Peaches for Daria
• Nutella and Marshmallow Fluff for Kat Morse

• Mushrooms & Green Beans for Mellimage
• Canned Corn for Kate@MKDPhotography and Miguel Pola
• Pork & Beans for Josh Solar
• Canned peas and Chick Peas for Amanda
• Vegetarian Refried Beans for Sparks Photography
• Zoodles for Chris+Lynn (Crazy Canadians - do they sell these in the states? If not, I'll try to find some animal shaped pasta for you!)

and last but not least....
• Boston Baked Beans for I.P. Freely... hahahaha!!!

Several fun and unexpted things came out of this project:
• I discovered some new photographers and saw a ton of amazing blogs, including some really awesome customized blogspot blogs which will definitely help inspire me when I want to update this one! (go back through yesterday's list to see them!!)
• I blogged every day this week to help encourage new comments, which was more than I did in the entire month of November!!
• I received lots of links to my blog from other generous people also wanting to make a difference
• I felt lots of love from the people out there who might not normally comment, but are out there lurking regularly - thank you!!
• I got in contact with my local food bank and will be doing a documentary project with them to help bring attention to the need within my community
• I received a great shopping list to help me get started!!

Thank you for all the love and support you've put into this project with me!! I'll definitely do this again next year!! As I mentioned yesterday, I'll be making my donation after the holidays, when donations typically die down, and I'll do my best to document the process from different sides of the story (the giver, the food bank, the receiver). I've always wanted to do a personal project like this, and if it can bring attention to those who have been overlooked, that's even more inspiration to create something incredible. I hope you'll continue to follow this journey with me.
Hugs & Hot Cocoa (w/ canned evaporated milk- the way mom liked to make it),

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  1. FANTASTIC results! Mine were not so stellar, but every little bit counts :) I like your idea of donating after the holidays too!

  2. WOW!!! Anne---that's AWESOME!!
    And Nutella is a definite buy.....it's a STAPLE in my house :)

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  3. yay anne! you rock!! i think we all made a huge difference this season!

  4. Hey Anne! Congrats on so many comments, that's so great! And thanks for your comment on our blog. I was off celebrating my bday yesterday, so didn't have time to comment on your blog in time for the cutoff. So I'll just add an extra can to my total instead :) Happy holidays!

  5. Thanks for the inspiration for my own little project Anne - I'm not sure it will have the same level of impact as yours has, but even just a little extra contribution to Macmillan Nurses will be wonderful!
    Thanks - ohm, and well, done too!
    Z :D

  6. 300!! That is awesome, Anne!! Ah, I am getting hungry after seeing all of that food in your post! Off to raid the fridge!! Thanks again for your inspiration and holiday cheer!!

    Tanya :)

  7. aw,thankyou. I guess it really is a compliment when a photographer says she likes your photos :) thankyou again!
    love em

  8. that is so awesome anne. i'm just a wee bit behind. ok...a lot behind, but i may do pretty good when it's all said and done thru offers to match the final tallies.

    share the love and give me one more can :)


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