Cans for Comments = Time is UP!! Results Posted Tomorrow

posted on: December 12, 2008

I have been overwhelmed with wonderful comments on my blog this week and I look forward to all of the giving I'll be doing!! I wanted to let you know that I will be making my donations after the holiday season, when donations generally die down. Part of my giving will be to document the process of getting food from the hands who give to the hands who need in order to help raise awareness about the needs within my own community, here in Lowell, MA. I would like to challenge the other photographers who are participating to offer the same service to their local food banks. As photographers, we can play an incredibly powerful role by using our imagery to inform, educate, and incite passion for the greater good of all. So please, hop on the "can-wagon" and join us in making this incredibly difficult time a little easier for all. As the economy declines, so do donations.... (click play on the short video below to watch the Reuters report on Food Banks)

You can add years of health and happiness to someone else's life by simply taking a few minutes of your time to leave comments on the blogs of all who are involved:

Special thanks to The Feds who put together the list below of Photographers, Graphic Designers, and Planners blogs who are participating in Cans for Comments.

This is just a *small* list of links starting close to home here in MA and CT
The Feds
Jason Groupp
Justin and Mary
Alana Couch
Dolce Pics
Renee Stephen
Shandro Photo

Lisa Lacroix
Perspective Eye
Picture That
Calla Evans
Lori Moss
J Castro
Christine Tremoulet
Melissa Zihlman
Three Heart Photo&Design
Crystal Genes
Courtney Paris

The Roxy Studio
Anika London
Adrienne Gunde
Ed Pingol
Shaina Pearce
Andrea Murphy
This Eclectic Live
Blue Orchid
John Waire
Melanie Mansfield
Chantel Stone
R Peters
Curtis Moore
Heather Garland
Nicole Hensley
Lisette Price
Catie Ronquillo
Melanie Driedger
Deb Thompson
The OtherAngle
Edison Photography
Susan B

Asim Soofi
Josh Solar
Misty Dawn
Erica May
Smith Gallery
Amie Otto
Lynsey Peterson
Michelle Sidles
Ultimate Image Weddings
Catherine Sparks

If we missed you, please leave a comment below so others can follow the link to your site!

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  1. this is an awesome cause. i have received offers from several people who commented....who are willing to match whatever my final tally is.

    bring on the cans good people. bring on the cans.

    and anne...please add one more to your cart from me :)

  2. Thanks for your comment on blog, Anne! Love organic shells and cheese too!! You rock!!

  3. comment comment comment!
    I am going to be adding this to my blog as well :)

  4. Put in a can of chicken noodle soup for me :)

  5. This is such a good idea! I'm doing this on my blog as well, but I haven't received many comments yet. I hope people get with it!

  6. Thanks for the linkage, Anne :)

  7. Count us in! What a wonderful idea :)

  8. Anne, thanks for stopping by!


  9. What an amazing idea. Kudos to you all!

  10. Put another can in the buggy baby!

  11. This is very good cause. Glad to leave a comment.

  12. Thanks for dropping by my site! Annie's Organic Shells and Cheese sounds amazing - I might have to pick up a can for myself while I'm at it! :P Please throw in a can for me as well!!

  13. Add another for me! RiceInk is participating too!

  14. show us your cans!!!!! yay for helping the less fortunate this season!

  15. I love your blog - your pictures are so gorgeous and it's such a treat whenever you post new photos from a wedding. Happy to support such a great cause.

  16. excellent work Anne, will be interesting to see how many cans you get in the end but it will be well worth it



  17. It has been so cool this week to see one photographer after another add this to their blog. Add a can for us!

  18. yeah! you rock! :)

  19. thank you so much for the fantastic idea and i have added it on to my blog. thanks for stopping by my little blog!

  20. Thanks for caring and for giving so much!

  21. tracy derringer5:17 PM

    Hi Anne! This is a great way to give. Merry Christmas. Love Tracy

  22. woohoo!!! here's a can of spam from us! =)

    //ed & monica pingol

  23. Amy Crockett5:31 PM

    Merry Christmas, Anne! This is such a great thing you are doing. How are things in the east? Trust me, Indiana is exactly the same:( Love~Amy Crockett

  24. One for me too!! Will look forward to your photo documentary. Cheers!!

  25. Sharyn/Matt8:12 PM

    Hi Ms. Anne, commenting for a great cause! I owe you some e-mails! Have a happy and healthy holiday--and give our best to Alex. Love Sharyn/Matt

  26. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Way rad! I jumped on the can-wagon too - just started my "Cans for Comments" blog today!

  27. Sarah Brittain10:54 PM

    I think it's awesome that you're doing this, Anne! Josh and I have convinced his family to forego the annual gift card exchange for extended family members and instead we're all giving money to a food bank because they are so low on donations. And really, we are all so blessed. I mean, I'm writing this on my laptop from a wireless connection when someone can't find food tonight! It really puts things into perspective, so it's easy to give up a silly gift card to give someone a meal.

    anyways, just a long comment to tell you, once again, that you're awesome.

  28. It is so much fun to see all the comments for Cans for Comments that are being left!!! It is a fun ride on the Canwagon with you!!!

  29. Is it too late to throw in a can of pork & beans for me?

    And thanks for the love you left on my blog!


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