Travel Log: Best Soup of My Life

posted on: February 23, 2013

We were in the Rheingau region in Germany, known for Riesling wines, and stopped in at at the gorgeous Schloss Vollrads estate & vineyard that has been making wine for 800 years.  After a bit of wine tasting, we decided to stay for lunch as well.  Germany's heavy meat offerings from the night before were leaving me craving something light and simple for lunch.  A soup and salad were the perfect fit.

The mushroom soup arrives to my table looking lovely but not more special than other soups I've had in my life.  I fold my napkin in my lap and place the first spoonful in my mouth.  Then it hits me- the most intense and beautiful flavors that have ever rolled over my tongue.  Wow.  I had no idea that mushroom soup could be so amazing.  Each simple ingredient had a depth and richness that I don't think I've ever experience in a soup before.  I've been to some amazing restaurants in my life, but no other soup has just blown me away like this one.  This is one food photo I'm glad to have so that I can remember the richness of flavors and creamy texture that were unlike anything I'd had before.  Mmmmmm... this weekend is Winterfest in Lowell, which has an awesome local soup competition!  I'm always looking for something that will make me want to lick the bottom of the bowl again. ;-)

Best Mushroom Soup Ever

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