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posted on: February 4, 2013

Whenever possible, I enjoy helping other small business owners in any way that I can.  This weekend I participated again in the annual Thirst Relief Mentor Auction fundraiser, which brings together established photographers willing to donate their time to help others in exchange for a mentee's donation to help provide clean water to developing areas.
Photography Mentoring for Clean Water Charity

I'm always excited to meet the person I'm working with, because I know that, like me, they have a huge heart for giving.  However, because it is an auction, there are always people who end up not winning a mentor.  Luckily there's a ton of great information out there that they can access for free if they know where to look (rather than wherever paid search engine results try to send them), which is why I created PhotoLovecat several years ago.

PhotoLovecat has become one of the regular ways I "Pay it Forward" in my business life- by freely sharing solutions to problems I've already solved in my business, so that people who can't afford one-on-one mentoring and business workshops, can still have rich information right at their fingertips.  In today's world, I feel like there's so much high quality information readily available that the only reason to pay for information is when you want one-on-one help from another person or you want the experience of being in an environment with other people who are learning the same things you are and holding you accountable to yourself.  If that's not in the cards for you right now, than please help yourself to all of the free information that's already available!

A sampling of some articles that may help you in your small business:

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