You Gotta Have Friends

posted on: November 17, 2009

As you could tell from my Mobile Monday pics, we had some fun at Western Ave Studios last week when I invited a few friends over to help me arrange my office. I had several problems that needed solving:

  1. Create a storage area that is functional, organized, and easily walled off without much construction or blocking of windows.
  2. Find a place for my desk that clients won't see immediately upon entering, and allows me to work even when there's full sun pouring into the studio.
  3. Create a comfortable seating arrangement for clients that will position them easily for viewing a slideshow or having an intimate chat during a meeting.
  4. Make the furniture easy to move so that I can shoot studio work if I want to.

Not only did my friends help me accomplish ALL of the above, they even added a little foyer where I'll be able to set up a display! Fabulous!! As we were getting closer to the end, I pulled out some B&W film that's probably at least 5 years old, dropped it into my OM10 and shot the silliness that started unfolding after several hours of hard work:

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  1. jen had a blast helping you the other day. i think you and her have a lot of similar design tendencies that really mesh well together. can't wait for the big Grand Opening party of your studio :) -TP

  2. SO EXCITING!! I can NOT wait to see the new space and how you have transformed it into awesomeness :)

  3. Katie - you were a great help in getting it off the ground!! I can't wait to have an opening when it's all done!!

  4. GOOD ON YA GIRL!!!! ;) Can't wait to see your space come together! SWEET.


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