Mobile Monday - Week 7

posted on: November 16, 2009

Mobile Monday is a weekly collection of iphone photos and twitter captions from my daily adventures.

This beauty reaches something deep inside and doesn't let go. 11.09.09 (click play to watch)


Awesome weather day in Boston

Trees & power lines  - Nature vs. Man

Van Gogh's Gear in Lowell
Visit them online at

Marine Corps Birthday Cake

Roses on a bush in late fall

iPhone Google Map
Visit them online at:

Shannon & Kayu's Feature in The Knot

The Big Head at WAS
Visit them online at:

Boston PUG @ Lens Pro To Go Studio
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Vic's in Centerville

An organizing jenius
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Inside my studio w/ friends
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WAS Hallway - Lenny's phone
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WAS hallway - Lenny's phone

Made in Lowell - in studio
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Target Spot Display

Dharma Buns cookies & fries
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WASAA meeting
See the entire community of Western Ave Artists online at:

Felted & embroidered iphone case
Find one like this in Jen's Etsy shop:

Big Head at Western Ave
Find out more about this project at the Revolving Museum:

Hair foils
At my favorite all natural Aveda salon, Salon City, in Lowell:

This entire album, "Youth Novels", is awesome in so many ways. 11.13.09


Can you find the pink monkey?

Two girls in an Apple Store

Sun or Moon?

This song always makes me smile and dance in my chair! 11.14.09


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  1. redheadharper3:30 PM

    Sorry if I missed it but what happened to Misty?

  2. She's still alive, just not living with us anymore since we moved. She's watching over my mom's house now.


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