Mobile Monday - Week 6

posted on: November 9, 2009

Mobile Monday is a weekly collection of iphone photos and twitter captions from my daily adventures.

Unexpected Canal Art in Lowell

Unexpected Canal Art in Lowell

Lowell Market St Furniture Building

UMass Lowell Shuttle Bus

Middlesex Community College Library Lobby

Wheelchair in Canal

Lowell Voting Ballot

Middlesex Community College Library Lowell

I had been wanting to visit one of our Indian restaurants for a while, and finally got a few vegetarian friends to join me and explore some new dishes together. For the record, I'm not vegetarian, I just love exploring many different kinds of food. ;) This particular restaurant, Udupi Bhavan in Lowell focuses on South Indian foods.

Vegetarian Indian Lunch at Udupi Bhavan

Indian food

Indian food

Vegetarian Indian Food at Udupi Bhavan

Vegetarian Indian Lunch in Lowell

This guy had a beautiful voice and was playing music I love (you'll hear a tiny bit of it below.) Click play to see the slideshow:

[iPhone] I Love Harvard Square on

I photographed the wedding for the Green Boston Wedding Giveaway winners this weekend, and their vegan cake from Hippie Chick Bakery turned out phenomenally! (I have a better photo from my "real" camera.) Check out the bride, groom, & bicycle cake topper make from old bicycle spokes!

Vegan Wedding Cake from Hippie Chick Bakery

Sorry if I'm making you hungry! HA!

Extreme French Toast at Panificio in Beacon Hill

We've had the most amazing fall this year!!

Sailing in Charles River Boston

Charles River Esplanade in Boston

Here's a bonus stealth pic from my hubby's phone & twitter stream (please excuse his texted mispelling!):

Me, on a photoshoot

To end this post, I'll leave you with a song, twittered through my station: Life is Beautiful by Vega 4 (click to play the youtube audio below)

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