LOVE IT: Harvard Oktoberfest & Honk! Parade & Festival

posted on: November 27, 2009

On our way into Cambridge on a Sunday morning we were stopped dead in traffic for 30 minutes, so after about 8 minutes of sitting in the car and not going anywhere, I decided to hop out and see what was happening. To my delightful surprise, the intersection in front of us was overtaken by hoards of crazy costumes, invented instruments, and all around FUN!! Just one more reason why I adore living in Massachusetts- people fearlessly & publicly celebrating the geeky and weird. ;-) After getting home, I found out that it was actually the Harvard Oktoberfest & Honk! Parade & Festival which is meant to “Reclaim the Streets for Horns, Bikes and Feet!” how awesome is that?! Take a peek at some of the fun that went down while many angered and confused drivers sat in their cars (press play to start the slideshow):

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  1. keyamilla8:40 PM

    Anne, I like your new do! It's really cute and dark - me likes.

  2. keyamilla8:42 PM

    oops meant to post to your mobile monday :)


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