Mobile Monday - Week 3

posted on: March 23, 2009


This last week was kinda slow because I was really sick with a wicked flu and ended up having to cancel a lot of appointments so I wouldn't cough all over people and gross them out. I didn't have much of a voice the entire week, and thus didn't feel much like venturing out too often unless I really had to. My poor husband was forced to make a few calls on my behalf and to be my translator when I sounded like I was speaking alien. If it weren't for having a meal with the interns and needing to take Misty out, I probably wouldn't have left the house at all. I really learned to appreciate not talking, however I still had hundreds of emails that required my fingers to do lots of walking. This week I'm happy to say that I have my voice back and I'm about 95% healthy again- just a few sniffles here and there which I'm keeping under wraps with some antihistamines. Technology also seems to be back on my side once again, so I'm looking forward to lots of productivity this week!! Woo Hoo!!

This was the extent of our St. Patty's day celebration- thrilling, right? ;-)



I love meeting over meals, especially when it involves trying a place or a dish I've never tried before.

I am both addicted and allergic to coffee. Luckily most turtlenecks and long sleeves hide my allergic reaction.

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  1. I always say yes to coffee. (;

  2. That's terrible! My MIL is allergic to chocolate... I'm a lucky girl!

  3. tee hee you said wicked

  4. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I totally understand about the coffee!!! I have ISSUES! I have reflux and IBS something aweful and I am supposed to stay away from both coffee and tea..Who can do that??!! Sorry for the TMI. :)

  5. Oh no! I can't believe you are allergic to coffee. I am so sorry.


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