Megan & Andrew's Wedding

posted on: August 19, 2008

Megan is one of the most excited brides I've ever met! Her energy was just so infectious that I ended up with cheek cramps from smiling so much behind the camera!! Andrew was always calm and steady, which turned out to be the perfect compliment to their partnership.

How can you NOT get wrapped up in her excitement?! I just love it!!!

Her bridesmaids carried a lovely set of red tulips, which were waiting for them in the window sill...

A sneak peek around the altar...

While the girls were getting ready downstairs at the beautiful St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Indianapolis, IN - the boys were putting on a gun show upstairs... niiiiiiice!

These are two must take shots for just about every wedding... and I love it when can they turn out like this!! Can't you just FEEL their anticipation and joy?!!

Priests that let me get cool angles like this are awwwwesome!!

Ah, the joys of trying to keep children still and quiet in church! Despite what it might look like, these children were actually VERY good!!

Now THIS is a kiss!!!

I totally planned this... again. Man, I'm good... HA! ;-)

Out of the corner of my eye I caught this adorable moment between Megan and the ring bearer...

After the ceremony, the bridal party stopped at Monument Circle for some fun and casual shots. It was freeeezing cold, so I kept it short and sweet and still managed to get some awesome stuff... like this one which totally cracks me up!!

And this one... which melts my heart...

The reception was at the ga-ga-gorgeous Union Station! I loooooove weddings in old train stations!! Seriously- I would love to just go around the country photographing weddings or reception in the fabulous train stations built during the Golden Age before the Depression... but I digress.

For some reason, the wedding party was held hostage upstairs for about an hour while the rests of the guests were enjoying a cocktail hour downstairs. The wedding party was really taken care of though with their own set of appetizers and drinks, so I guess it was just a way for everyone to relax for a bit. The bridal party had fun peeking at the guests through the mezzanine windows... sorry ladies, the gun show did not make a return appearance.

(Doesn't that last one look like it's from a movie?! It's totally the lighting.)

Some awesome toasts..

Simple red, white, and black accents, and I believe the cake was done by a family member!

I'm in love these shots of them mingling... it really gives you the feeling of catching a glance of them from across the room...

I almost always get teary eyed during the father daughter dance!!

Megan & Andrew tried soooo hard not to play typical wedding reception music, but eventually they caved because they wanted to get people on the dance floor! Kudos to knowing when to give in for the sake of your crowd. ;-)

There are sooooo many awesome dancing shots... but it would be silly to show them all... so here's just one of my faves..

Toward the end of the night, everyone got on the dance floor for the bride & groom's final dance... it was pretty awesome..

Wow- what a wedding! Thank you so much Megan & Andrew- I'm so honored that I got to photograph your awesome day!!!! I hope you have lots of ridiculously good looking and super nice babies just like yourselves!!!

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  1. the window sill shot is priceless. yummy yummy light on that one!

  2. You did it again - stunning work. Love the black and white reception photos - so elegant!

  3. Are you pre/post-dating these blog entries, because I SWEAR I haven't seen them, but I don't think I've missed this much.

    BUT I LOVE all of the eye candy!!!!

  4. these are fantastic, Anne! And I looove the slideshow! That song goes so well with your photos! How fun!


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