Jason & Beth's Wedding

posted on: August 11, 2008

When I received an email from Jason about photographing his wedding, I was so honored that he thought of me!! Even though he was living in California at the time, his wedding was going to be in Lansing, MI- where we were both music and theatre geeks at the same high school, in the same grade. I actually remember his mom joining us on one of our choir trips! Well, Jason is now a wedding photographer as well, and I was so happy that he chose me to be HIS wedding photographer!! I was also relieved that his wedding didn't turn into a class reunion... that would have been so distracting!!!

Some people describe their style as "fly on the wall"... well, I'm more like a fly in your armpit...

Oh the things a bride has to go through to get ready... I've never seen a groom go through this!

Jason & his mom... such a sweet moment. I really hope this ended up in a frame somewhere. ;-)

Beth got the giggles while we were shooting formals in the church, and of course, everyone else ended up getting the giggles with her- including me!

They had a winter wonderland theme and the church decorations were absolutely beautiful- complete with a "snow" lined aisle with classic street lamps and a park bench. It really gave you the feeling of being outdoors without all of the freezing cold to go with it! After the ceremony they had Beaner's Coffee and the most delicious chocolate balls to go with! (It will always be Beaner's to me!) Their centerpieces were little stacks of presents and vases of ornaments all in the light blue and silver color palette...

The church was so dark that I don't think Jason could really see Beth until she was almost to the end of the aisle! But once he saw her, the smile just couldn't be erased from his face..

They did a beautiful passing of the light ceremony with each guest having their own candle...

A few sweet moments together before the reception... they are so happy together...

Jason's uncle had offered his car for the couple to ride to the reception in, and since there was room for one more, I decided to join them! The driver felt like the steering was pulling a bit much and then suddenly we were veering off the side of the road! Ummm... NO good!!! Sure enough... it was a flat tire.... how ironic that the ballroom had also deflated on the way to the reception....

Since most of the guests had already made their way to the reception at Hawk Hollow, the guys proceeded to find the spare tire and see if someone could pick up the bride & groom so that they could make it to their own reception!! Luckily one of the guests was driving along the highway and was able to pull over and take us to the reception!! Jason was super calm about the whole thing and he and Beth just laughed it off on their way to the reception! That's the best attitude to have on your wedding day!!

Their grand entrance was greeted with the chiming of many little bells...

Instead of a card box, they had a stocking on a Christmas Tree adorned with ornaments of their engagement photos, and guess where the presents were placed? (Not pictured here, but you get the idea!)

They had a cupcake tree to rival all cupcake trees! Little cupcakes topped with fluffy white frosting that looked like snow! The tree was at least 5 feet tall!

They also had a small cake to cut... just love the expressions here!!

Great toast by Jason's brother..

The DJ did the anniversary dance and the couple married the longest shared some words of advice with the newlyweds. I think it went something like... "The only thing you need to remember is that she's always right!" HA! Good man.. good man.

Ladies- no need to eat the same cupcake- there are plenty more! HA!! How fun are they?! ;-)

I usually don't blog images from second shooters, but I loved these next two so much that I had to give a shout out to Delia Turner for capturing these awesome images!!

Even though I'm super late on blogging their wedding, it's better to be late than never, right?! Jason & Beth recently had a beautiful baby girl and they named her Madison Ruth! I can't help but feel just a little bit of unfounded pride in sharing part of my name with her! ;-) Please visit Jason's blog and leave lots of mushy squishy comments about their baby!!!

PS. If you'd like to geek out with me, you can click on any image to see their slideshow which includes a recording that Jason & I sang in together. It makes me cry everytime I hear it!!! A big shout out to our choir director Denise Sauter who helped us create such beautiful music together!

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  1. love the shots by the piano...oh, and i think you meant "balloon deflated" not ballroom deflated :)

  2. Listening to the music right now....amazing! I've always secretly wanted to sing in a choir, I find that type of music so powerful.

    Some random comments: That tire is crazy! I've had my share of flats and never seen one that looks like that before! The church looked soooo dark, I bet it was really challenging to work with, but you did a great job pulling it off.

    The next time you find yourself in MI and have some time to kill, please look us up!


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