Megan & Jason's Hillcrest Country Club Wedding

posted on: April 10, 2008

Megan & Jason are just the sweetest people you could ever meet. I remember meeting them for the first time in Bloomington and instantly feeling the love they shared with each other. They are beautiful inside and out, giving so much to others... such an inspiration. ;-)

I love it when brides & grooms get ready in the same place so that I can capture both the guys and the girls prep. You just never know what's going to happen....

I think they call this "Bromance"? ;-)

Anyone remember that Sesame Street song... "which one of these things doesn't belong?"

Just stunning. I love the way her eyes and lips are a pop of color behind the white veil.

Megan's grandmother was so cute!! She made the veil, and I guess she wanted to wear it too!! ;-)

I just love how smitten Jason looks as he sees his bride up close for the first time.

In this image, Megan just realized that Jason made a pretty major "upgrade" to her wedding ring as a complete surprise, and the girls were gushing over it with her. ;-) Love the expressions!

"Oh my gosh, it's official!"

After a beautiful ceremony at Fishers United Methodist Church, they headed to their reception at Hillcrest Country Club in Indianapolis, IN.

This next photo is my absolute favorite photo from their wedding day! I actually had a dream about creating this photo, and the bridal party thought I was a little crazy when I told them about it, but once they saw the image, they all flipped out (in a good way)!

(technical notes - it's just a slow shutter speed and getting the bridal party to move quickly enough)


A little film noir inspiration..

Beautiful Spanish Mission style...

No smashing... just a little dabbing...

I just love how much joy there is in this image!!

While the girls were inside doing this.....

The guys were outside doing this.... ha!

Megan & Jason... we've been through a lot together, and through it all, I'm very grateful that I could be a part of your wedding day. I hope that you will always have fond memories of the people and moments that made it all so wonderful. ;-)

(technical notes: flash and panning during a slow shutter)

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  1. jamie8:05 AM

    Nice work as always Anne! (And happy late b-day!!) Totally did the dream photo, well done!

  2. i love the photo with the choir robes! and also the bride and groom in the middle of the roaming bridal party-- so fab. beautiful, once again!

  3. Love the dancing pictures! What a beautiful couple... nice!

  4. Love the dream image. Great Job! Great vision! : )

  5. Beautiful as usual, especially love the fun panning shot. Nicely done. Oh and happy belated birthday! I hope that all of your b-day wishes come true (including getting some much needed sleep)!

  6. Thank you, Anne.
    This was good. Love the idea of the bridal party walking through.

  7. Anne, you always outdo yourself at every wedding. This is no exception. I absolutely LOVE the slow shutter speed "dream photo"!!! I just may have to totally copycat you on that once. Or twice. It's so creative and has meaning, too. Another amazing wedding!

    Grise Photography

  8. Anne! I've missed your posts SO MUCH while you've been traveling. I keep checking back every day HOPING for at least one new photo .... this post more than satisfied my visual appetite!

  9. Tana Huffman12:50 PM

    These are great Anne. What a beautiful wedding and your dream shot is amazing! Wish I had dreamt it! :)

    Happy belated Bday. It was a pleasure finally meeting you in Vegas!

  10. Lovely as always!

    Happy, happy belated birthday!!!! Let me know the next time you are passing through and we'll celebrate!

  11. Wow. This made me a little teary-eyed (once again!)
    Thanks for the technical notes too!

  12. Love the blur on the bridal party while the married couple is still. If they gave a name to a shot like they gave a name to a gymnastics move, then this would be called an "Anne Ruthmann." Really cool.

  13. completely wonderful! I love the variety you have here. And thank you for sharing some of your "details" ragarding the how to.

    How did you like the "film noir" inspired one?

    Really awesome work here! I enjoyed looking and getting ideas!

  14. holy crap are they cute or what!? :)

  15. I'm finding it a bit strange how excited I am to see a new post from you... I'm loving these those- and that first image is just beautiful!

  16. Dang...these are awesome! Always raising the bar Anne. Miss you!

  17. Kelly Lee11:40 AM

    Amazing Anne! As always... stunning images....

  18. anne these are really fab! you did an awesome job:)

  19. I *love* #12 . *Love It*

  20. Anne, I have quietly watched your blog for 2 years now. You amaze me with your crazy raw talent and openness to share. Thank you so much for be an inspiration to me and so many others. ~Tracy

    *dream photo..a new favorite

  21. no wonder you love your favorite sot of the day. Killer image and great thinking out off the box!

  22. I love your wedding work. The pictures are all very clear with your own sense of style. I was wondering...what kind of camera do you use?

  23. Thanks so much for the love!!!

    Molly - my camera gear is listed on the side of my blog. Click on "What's In My Bag" to see it. ;)

  24. Beautiful Anne. I've been missing you girl. LOVE the technical ones. Hoping to see you Thursday in Indy? Go ni-nite right now.

  25. so many awesome moments and expressions in this wedding... great job anne! it was great to finally meet you in vegas! - katrina ... katrina + andrew from sedona bride :)

  26. shannon kaple11:36 PM

    Hey Anne!! Amazingly gorgeous work!! I love the mix of PJ and fine art, some of your images look like they walked straight out of Vogue!!! Just saw your "candy" image in PDN, CONGRATS!!! You're a rock star.


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