Detroit Masonic Temple Wedding - Laurah & Jeff

posted on: April 20, 2008

I'm so crazy in love with Laurah & Jeff and their wedding. What's not to love?! They are so in love with each other, so appreciative of their friends and family, and they chose one of the most amazing locations ever. Laughter, tears, hugs, kisses, getting crazy on the dance floor... seriously, they had it all.

Even though it was rainy outside, it was still beaming sunshine and smiles inside...

The Beatles t-shirt and jeans loving "flowergirl" gets a lesson in lipgloss application.

Tequila shots.... can't you just feel the bitterness of the lemon in this? HA!

The Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI is THE largest Masonic Temple in the entire world. No expense was spared on the detail and thought that went into the architecture of this over 80,000 sq. ft. building built in the 1920s. The only way to photograph the massive facade was from across the street with a fisheye lens...

The guys got ready in the Red Cross room, which has an amazing gold fresco on the wall. I think the grand chairs made the guys look pretty important too... Jeff, of course, in the middle...

This is probably one of my favorite dress shots ever... reflected in the mirror...

I don't know why things in place of faces makes me chuckle, it just does...

Laurah cracks me up!! She was trying to figure out how she was going to get her crinoline into her dress if she was going to step into the dress... thankfully she realized that she could just put it on over her head! ;-)

Oh the things that bridesmaids do for the bride....

I think I have a thing for clocks...

Check out their burgundy and orange details- like a vibrant tiger lily...
Burgundy Orange Real Wedding Details, Flowers, Decor

Would you believe they call this room an Asylum?? Simply gorgeous...

Immediately after the ceremony, the bride & groom took the elevator down to see the Crystal Ballroom set up before any of the guests got in the room. They had an amazing first dance alone together and they had me in tears the entire time!!

After a few portraits around the building, they were ready to get their groove on!!

This is what I love about these families... one moment is completely ridiculous and the next is raw emotion...

Abandoned shoes on the dance floor.... I have a thing about abandoned shoes too...

These guys crack me up!!! You may recognize the gentleman with the umm... "money maker" from Kelly & Brian's Wedding, where he pulled an interesting stunt as the best man, and I'm happy to say that you'll get to see more of him in the near future when I blog his wedding. ;-)

Cigar time...

I love it when a groom can tear up the dance floor!! Go Jeff, go jeff, go, go, go Jeff...

(did you see Delia in the background?? She came along as a second shooter. ;-)

I love both of these images so much, and once again... they happened only seconds apart... pure romance, and pure joy... what an amazing way to end an amazing evening...

Laurah & Jeff, I already said it, but I love you to pieces and I'm so so so honored that you chose me as your wedding photographer!! Thank you so much for your graciousness- you really helped give me strength when I needed it!! I can only hope I did justice to the beautiful moments of your wedding day!!

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  1. wonderful pictures!!!

  2. Anne - you did an amazing job. You shot the day just as you described it - and that's a very good thing. By the way, I have a thing for abandoned shoes too. : /

  3. Oh it's too early to be crying at pictures!!!
    Thanks Anne!
    Just precious!

  4. Kim Kelley1:48 PM

    LOVE the dress shot! Incredible work!!

  5. Great moments, Anne! Looks like you've got yourself some nice entries for WPJA this quarter!

  6. your. pictures. are. incredible.

    You have been tagged...don't worry this is a NEW embarrassing game I've made up....

  7. ummm....they brought me to tears!

  8. Reason #5673 to love Anne...

    Only Anne takes photos of the bride and grooms rings on a chocolate chip cookie.


  9. My family TOTALLY has a thing for the noses, too! Yippie! Glad to see we're "normal" :-)

  10. Anne! I love how you can see the dress in the mirror, this is fantastic!
    -Melissa E Earle

  11. Anne you are so freakin talented ... I love the picture of the guys in the Red Cross room with the grand chairs...

  12. Anonymous11:08 AM

    So...I just visited ...and they have your blog bird & branch on their homepage. Has that always been there and I'm just slow...or what?!

  13. Jackie - it's a stock illustration, so it's bound to show up in a few places- yep, I'm lame like that. HA!

  14. looks like such a fun wedding!! :) beautiful work!

  15. Cher Hanna2:20 PM

    I haven't shot in the Masonic Temple in a few years since I moved out of MI, but I remember dreadful lighting in the Asylum. You did a fantastic job, extra super-duper double fantastic with their lighting situation!

  16. Anne Ruthmann -- YOU, my friend, are simply amazing. I love these. Rock on.

  17. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I was watching the slide show yesterday it was a Inspirational to me and I was shareing ideas with my wedding planner I can not find it today bummer what happen ,e-mail


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