Kristin & Tyson Engagement

posted on: April 25, 2008

Kristin & Tyson, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G....
I_0050 copy.jpg

I_0061 copy.jpg

I_0052 copy.jpg

I_0074 copy.jpg

First comes LOVE...
I_0033 copy.jpg

I_0026 copy.jpg

I_0085 copy.jpg

I_0095 copy.jpg

I_0008 copy.jpg

Then comes MARRIAGE (proposal)...
I_0058 copy.jpg

I_0019 copy.jpg

I_0029 copy.jpg

I_0035 copy.jpg

I_0093 copy.jpg

Then comes the AWESOME invitation in the mail!!! Designed by Kathleen!!
Movie Poster & Ticket Wedding Invitation

I absolutely loved the concept that Kristin had for their engagement shoot. She knew she wanted to do a movie poster invitation, incorporating the idea of kissing in a tree. Of course, because I looooooove trees, I was thrilled and had so much fun incorporating the various ideas and phrases of the childhood chant. ;-) When it comes to engagement sessions, I'm up for anything!! Give me a theme or some sort of inspiration and I'm off and running with it!!! I can NOT wait for Kristin & Tyson's wedding!! It's going to be F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!

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  1. WOW! Wow, wow! I love that shot of them all the way up there - how did you get them to do that? :) The saturation and light are so beautiful... and what cool products, too! Awesome!

  2. Kim Kelley4:00 PM

    I absolutely love that 1st shot. Sooooo stinkin cute! The love hands are fun fun fun. Cool ring shot! The last two shots are beautiful. Way cool invites!

  3. This is fantastic! Fun and fabulous. What wonderful clients.

  4. New to your blog, by a few months and this by far is my favorite grouping to date (love the spelling out of love btw). however in all honesty your work continues to inspire me with every post you make!

  5. Oh my gosh - oh my gosh - oh my gosh!!!!! ANNE!!!!!! This is in my top 3 of all engagement sessions you have ever done. I am gushing!!! I am in love - with this set of photos...agh!!!!

  6. Let me say that I just love this shoot! I really enjoyed every shot you did!

    The final product of the movie posted for the invites is just wonderful. I love her idea.

  7. jen ing7:34 PM

    what great shots! i love the ones up in the tree and the shot of the ring in the foreground on the leaf. all the green is so great!

  8. Teresa10:11 PM

    Because the people want to know more!! You've been tagged :)

  9. this is amazing!! seriously, #1 and #5 are among the best I've seen ever, so lovely! congratulations on the great work.

  10. So 1st I'm going to post and say I LOVE these creative from the trees to the ring shot on the! Now, I'm going to go look at them again cause they're just that good!

  11. Great images... They (the images) look yummy!!!!

  12. the LOVE shot is so unique and creative!

  13. I love the green outfits with that warm warm tones!

  14. Annabel2:37 PM

    These are my favorite pictures you've ever taken. Totally amazing.

  15. jamie3:38 PM

    very cool anne!! i like the nature theme throughout the shots... way cool!!!

  16. You have absolutely out done yourself again!

    How to pick my favorite??? I LOVE the ring shot, the silhouette and the one before the silhouette!

    They are all amazing. Kristin & Tyson are so lucky to have you as their photographer!!!!

    YOU ROCK! (It helps having amazing clients, doesn't it?!)

  17. I ADORE these shots! That engagement ring on the leaf...too fabulous!!

  18. these are so amazing because the color is so vibrant! she did a great job with the invitations. how funky!

  19. Hey the colors in these, especially the tree shots.


  20. These are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Wow, I am in awe. You have the BEST ideas. How can we start to think like Anne?! haha.

  21. Way to knock this shoot out of the PARK, Anne!!!!!! LOVE it!!!!! Esp. the tree & ring photos!

  22. Krystal Fehrenbach11:45 AM

    Anne, these are simply amazing.

  23. Your work is incredible and inspiring!

    I'm new to the photog community and I'm loving "meeting" people that inspire me. Thanks for rocking the camera!
    Beth Morgan

  24. Kurtis Bowersock8:09 PM

    Way to go Anne. Another smash hit. This is the best engagement session I seen. (do I have to write out period if I put it as punctuation?) I think I figured out the new post and I have to say that you'll be missed around here. Thanks for all you did in Indiana!

  25. Your work never fails to inspire me! Just awesome!

  26. Amazing images, as always. And hands down coolest invite I've seen yet. So clever. Too many favorites to mention! Okay--maybe one! Love the ring on the leaf in the foreground with the couple in the background.

  27. I love your photography! But I was literally blown away when I saw the photo in the tree.

    You'll love the Boston area! The photo locations are endless.


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