Alison & Matt Engagement

posted on: February 19, 2008

Dead sexy. I can't help but think that when I look at these two together! They are just too beautiful for their own good!

Alison has these killer blue eyes that are practically glow-in-the-dark they're so bright! Just amazing to photograph.

(these were made using a tilt-shift lens because ya'll know how much I loathe photoshop)

Matt has one of those contagious smiles that makes everyone else smile too. ;-)


When I asked them where they wanted to go for their engagement photos, Alison & Matt chose the downtown canal in Indianapolis by the Indiana State Museum. Even though I've been to the canal what seems like tons of times for engagement sessions, it always surprises me when everyone chooses a different favorite place along the canal!

Of course, what would a walk along the canal be without some skyline shots?


Of course, the canal is also a popular place for runners... so, just for fun...


One of the things I like to do with engagement photos is play with color, angles, expressions, moments, etc to help me figure out what my couples like and don't like. Do they have a preference for warm or cool colors? Muted or bright? Silly or serious? Abstract or real? Fashion or emotion? All of these are little clues and insights about how I can further personalize their wedding photos, so, for me... the engagement session is just a place to play with a bunch of ideas without the pressure of capturing critical moments and memories. ;-)

I love the movement in Alison's hair here and how it so perfectly frames her face...

Last year, Matt's sister celebrated her wedding at the Historical Center- this year, Matt will celebrate at the State Museum just down the street!

Not exactly a steam vent... but a steaming clock that sounds like a train whistle when it blows!

I felt like chocolate was the only appropriate color for this very yummy photo.... mmm... tasty chocolate....

Thank you Alison & Matt - you were fabulous!!! Only a few short months until your wedding day!! I really hope I'm caught up on blogging everything by then!!! ACK!

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  1. What a beautiful couple!! Love your pics as always - GREAT JOB!!!

  2. great session! your esessions always inspire me, thanks for being awesome!

  3. Chelsea Nicole3:33 AM

    I LOVE the tone of your images (especially the warmer ones). The 4th to last shot with Alison's hair blowing in the frame is simply gorgeous! :)

    They really are a beautiful couple and you captured them so perfectly! Very inspiring work!

  4. Kim Kelley8:37 AM

    The last one is my fav, but they are all super!

  5. Thanks again Anne, for feeding us fixes of your gorgeous work! I adore the "chocolate" one with the couple lying down. And Alex does Lipton? Can't wait!!!!

  6. Anne - you are so talented!!! I love these

  7. The shot with Alison's hair blowing is probably my favorite all time ring bling shot.

    Great job!

  8. I picture Mike Myers from So I Married an Axe Murderer in his Scottish accent saying "Dead Sexy!" and cracked up when I read the first line of your post!!!!

  9. Annabel1:25 PM

    I heart the tilt shift lens and I usually loathe special lenses. Please bring it to my wedding so we can play with it!

  10. one HAWT couple! Photos ain't too bad either ;-)

  11. too bad they are such an unattractive couple, must have made shooting terribly difficult ;-)

    love the below shot of the ring with her hair in the wind... a shot that would be at f1.8 if it were taken by 99% of the other photogrphers, but you shoot it like f8. nicely done!

  12. love that chocolatey shot too! i think they're a gorgeous couple and your images are just as beautiful!

  13. The chocolate shot is amazing. :) Great choice in color.


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