LOVE IT: Ugly Sweater Decorating Party

posted on: December 16, 2007

Here's what I love about the Ugly Sweater Decorating Party:
- It's GREEN! Recycling old clothing and making it fun to wear again is totally awesome in my book.
- It's HANDMADE! If you actually turn around and wear your creation, you've just created a unique, one-of-a-kind, custom piece of clothing that NO one else will have. (I knot that was redundant.. so what!)
- It's CREATIVE! How many chances in our lives (unless you're an artist) do we get to be really creative just for ourselves? To create something new and interesting out of thin air without the pressure of someone else having to like it? It's a really rewarding and enriching experience at any age to simply create for yourself.
- It's a PARTY! It totally reminds me of my 7th grade birthday when we had a big cookie decorating party. Mine had so much frosting on it that no one would eat it, but we all had a ton of fun and we laughed hysterically while we were messing around.

I need to thank Katy Regnier for posting about her friend's fabulous Ugly Sweater Decorating Party! Click on Katy's image above to read more and find out where the original idea came from!

So- maybe there will be more Ugly Sweater Decorating Parties this year? I know I'd love to attend one! If you need inspiration for how to decorate your ugly sweater, you MUST check out: We Hate Sheep. We Love Holiday Sweaters. Sullivan Higdon, & Sink let you create your own ugly sweater right online! So fun!

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  1. Hey Anne... thanks for the shout-out :) The ugly sweater party was definitely a fabulous idea... I wish I could take credit for it but it was sadly not my idea. At least I took the pictures :)

  2. Hey Anne!

    Almost a name-sister, Im Anna!
    I am from Denmark and very interested in weddings why I stumbled across your website. Danish photographers dont seem to capture the art of "candid photography" - ie cathing the details, the emotions, the bored kids etc. I LOVE your picture.
    Also I love the Indie - especially the Indie Bride and The Bride and Bloom is also a favourite. and scrubs; I think we are secret soul mates! :)

    Have you uploaded photos from your own wedding?

    Sorry for this wierd message, hope you dont take it the wrong way.

    Best regards


  3. That sounds like a lot of fun. I've been to a few ugly sweaters parties, but never one where you make one. I may have to try that this year. Thanks for sharing!


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