Film Noir Boudoir™

posted on: December 5, 2007

This Film Noir Boudoir™ session happened at the Inn on Ferry Street in Detroit, MI- while I was in the area for a wedding. Two friends decided to pair up for their session and split the cost of the room they wanted as well as save some money on their session fees by sharing a session time! With all three of us in the room at the same time, it was practically a slumber party! I think both of the girls were much more relaxed knowing that they had a good friend there cheering them on. ;-) We had a ton of fun, and even a little bit of pillow fighting!! We'll see if the guys are lucky enough to get one of those in their album!

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  1. Great looking picture! Makes me curious to see more (of this kind of style), but sure this will remain a teaser, won't it?

  2. Yep - this is all you get! I might have one more from the other girl, but only with her permission!!

  3. WOW! This is beautiful, Anne.

    Hmm....I'll be at Flourish, you'll be at Flourish ... maybe I need to have one of these sessions .... it makes a great wedding gift, right? ;-)

  4. Absolutely Karen! And you know the rooms are going to be pretty swanky!

  5. Hmm....I'm SOOOOO tempted.

    The Catholic school girl in me will need some serious bubbly prior to any noir boudior, though! ;-)~

  6. you work is totally amazing anne .. and this picture totally makes me want to lose weight so i can be hot like that! haha!!

  7. Nicole - at least you have the ability to look like that!! There's no turning back all of the fat & happiness married life has brought to my body!! HA!

  8. The Girl in the Photo10:21 AM


    I'm sure I'll never be this thin again, and I'm so glad to have it on film. Ha!

    Thanks again for everything. You are an amazing and talented woman.

  9. Anne, this is really fascinating, you are a talented photographer


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