Katie & Matt's Wedding

posted on: November 10, 2007

Katie & Matt are the picture perfect, storybook couple. They've known each other since first grade and have spent their lives growing up together. All of their experiences over the years have led to them developing a deep friendship and authenticity with each other that takes many years to develop for a lot of couples. Even though they're "all grown up now", they have a love that is playful and silly, while also being thoughtful and deep. There were so many little things that made their day special, I had a really hard time deciding which ones to share here!!

Pictured above: Katie's mom & sister, but I probably made that a little obvious, right?

Sometimes I'm a fly on the wall, and sometimes I'm a fly in your armpit! I think this is my favorite zipping-up-the-dress picture EVER!!

A ummmm... trick lighter. I love her shocked-surprised-disgusted-amused look! How did she get all of those emotions in one face?!?!

Awwwww... poor dog couldn't attend the wedding... I know, I'm sad too.

Their ceremony was held at the beautiful Gary United Methodist Church in Wheaton, IL.

They had a bubble exit from the church and I must say, their guests were GREAT bubble blowers- there were bubbles everywhere! Do you know how hard it is take a picture of a moving, transparent, reflective object?!?!?! Try it sometime and then send me your picture!

You know, for a couple of high school teachers who are supposed to be role models, they sure do break the law a lot!! First jay-walking and then going the wrong way in a one-way?! Crazy rebels! Just kidding.. I'll take the blame, I'm such a bad influence. ;-)

WARNING: Cheesy wedding party poses ahead!

This was definitely a first for me! Matt, the dedicated History teacher, wanted to replicate the classic ape-to-man evolution chart!! Matt- I hope this ends up in your classroom somewhere!! Your friends must realllllly love you if they're willing to act like apes for you!!

Their wedding details had a bright and pretty palette of pinks, corals, and yellows...

Instead of a guest book, they made a quilted wall hanging for their guests to sign. I may be just a bit partial to the idea since we did the same thing for our wedding!

Their reception was at Bartlett Hills Golf Club in Bartlett, IL. For the budding photographers who read my blog... this looks like an easy, straight-forward picture, right? Here's what makes it a technical challenge: it's backlit by natural light, which is stronger than indoor lighting, and the window acts like a big mirror. How did I balance the indoor and outdoor light while not getting any flashback from the window? First I metered for the outdoor lighting, and then I metered for the indoor lighting to figure the difference, then used the flash bounced up and to my left into the angled ceiling to create a soft directional light that wouldn't reflect off of the window. Yeah, I'm goooood. ;-) Actually, the reason I choose this picture was because it reminded me of DaVinci's Last Supper.

Speaking of supper.. I had the VERY lovely privilege of sitting with a group of Matt's Civil War Reenactment friends!! OMG, I felt like I was attending a stand-up-comedy dinner!! I laughed SO HARD that I ended up with cheek cramps!!

Katie, an English teacher, received the perfect literary gift from her sister during the maid-of-honor toast: an educational book to help Katie learn about some of the joys of waking up with the man of her dreams every day... HA!!!

*sigh* Can't you just feel the love? They danced to the classic, Glen Miller's Moonlight Serenade.

OK, enough of the mushy gushy love stuff... these people love to party!!!

When that bouquet came flying, you can bet I didn't want to be in THEIR way!!! ;-)

My favorite image from the entire day... niiiiiiiiice....

Katie & Matt - thank you so, so, so, so much for making me your wedding photographer!! There were so many smiles and tears- it was all just so beautiful and moving. I only hope I was able to capture all of those wonderful feelings for you!! Please have lots of super cute babies so I can visit again soon!! PS. Katie- feel free to fix my poor grammar and/or spelling!!

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  1. Love it all! Especially the technical description of the last supper photo. Great learning in this blog, Anne!

  2. Do you know how hard it is take a picture of a moving, transparent, reflective object?!?!?!

    I do, and I am so impressed with the one you got there! Perfect focus/ composition, lovely exposure.

  3. damn Ruth - you just amaze me more and more. i love ALL your work and also your helps for photographers....your going to be huge one day if not already. i love you & your work. it's everything a great photographer should be. i think you are my absolute favorite for sooo many reasons! meg ;)

  4. goodness, your work inspires me to push harder & learn more so I can shoot amazing wedding stories like this. Your work is awesome. I was wondering what lens do you use for the maojority of your shots? Im curious as I am getting the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 next month and was wondering if that is your lens of choice?

  5. I still don't get why people call me Ruth - it's only half of my last name!! I never had this problem when my last name was Marlow!! :P

    The 24-70mm lens stays on my 5D about 95% of the time, and I use it A LOT. My second favorite is the 85mm f1.8 on my 20D (which effectively turns it into a 135mm).

  6. i called you "ruth" i really don't know why...i can't belive i did that...lol...maybe a bit tired...sorry :) i know what your name is but better yet i still love your work!

  7. Anne~ what incredible photographs -you are so talented!!!! i watched the slideshow prior to scrolling through all of the images and the 2 that stood out the most were the bubble reflection, i mean, i had to stop the slideshow and pause and think did she really get that reflection in a transparent bubble??? WOW! then the DaVinci last supper image, i thought the same thing when i saw it and again was in awe at the talent of perfectly exposed backlighting and the evident perfect bounce - it's an award winner!
    we missed you this week, but know it's such a drive maybe we can come to you sometime:-)
    enjoy the day~

  8. thanks Anne for the info :)

  9. jamie7:03 PM

    lovely work! Just wanted to put in my vote that i really like the old man & the bubble combo. Very cool! Miss you!
    p.s., will you be in town at all thanksgiving week? We may be going through town late wednesday... let me know!!)

  10. I always check out your blog but have never commented before. I adore the photo of the bubble. I hope you're still doing photography when I get married because you're fantastic!

  11. Ruth...LOL, I mean F-ing Kickass photographer. I hope you take this as a complement ---> I want to jump off a bridge when I look at you work Anne. I just post an awesome wedding and then I went to check my bloglines and look who posted...ummm, Great way to put me back in my place! No, Anne I know I don't have to say this to you...but you complete me..wait wrong line. You are an amazing photographer and I look forward to seeing your work every week.


  12. WOW.What a truly FABULOUS looking wedding. LOVE, FUN, ENERGY, LAUGHS.. what else is there?? You captured this couple and their family and friends so very well. Oh and you got to sit at a table too?? how awesome. I haven't been offered cake much less a place at a table. lol

  13. Samantha Cover10:53 AM

    Hi Anne,

    Oh my gosh, this wedding and the engagement post above it are some of your best work ever! Great lighting and even better expressions.....lucky couples!

  14. Love the "Ape to Man" shot. Awesome! This would have been a fun wedding to shoot.

  15. Wow Anne! Love the images! I especially love the bubble shot... you got the scene setting shot in the bubble! That's awesome... because yes... transparent moving things are really really difficult to photograph!



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