Vote for my next haircut!

posted on: October 15, 2007

Thank you sooooooooo much for taking the time to leave thoughtful comments and emails with AWESOME hair ideas!! I have the BEST blog readers EVER!! It was really cool to see which things were pretty common across the board, like layers and a side swept bang. Because I had such a hard time narrowing it down, I took ALL of the pictures to Danielle, who will be cutting my hair, and I let her pick the final three, so here they are...
Vote for My Next Haircut

Several people commented that I should get highlights, so I'll also be throwing some of those in the mix to disguise my stray gray hairs... think they can do green?? HA! ;) I'm so nervous but also so excited!! I can't wait to see which haircut wins!!

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  1. I voted for #1, but you're gonna be HOT no matter what! :)

    XOXOXO, Sarah Q

  2. Sarah - you rock!! ;) Hopefully a new do will make me at least half as cool as you!!

  3. I voted for 2 Anne...but I agree with Sarah Q, you'll look hot with any of them! Wait...please tell me I'm not the only dude voting on a hairstyle for you!

  4. Skibumsgirl8:25 PM

    I voted for 2---I think highlights will look FAB! I get them and it seems to just brighten my face and make the drab go away. (Not to mention hide my gray!)

  5. 3 is hot! 2 would work also.

  6. I like #2. But I recently got a cut very similar. It is just too fun and easy! When I want to bump it up, I just curl at the roots for a little lift. Love layers!

  7. No, Chad, you're not the only guy voting. I took #2 also. I really like it, plus how could I not vote for Mandy Moore?

  8. ooooh!! Can't wait to see the final result ;-) You are gonna be HAWT!!

  9. I agree...highlights would be good too! It's 'bout a little dark copper?

  10. Hey Anne,
    Love love LOVE the blog.
    How fun to have people vote on a hair cut.
    I love them all, but voted for one.
    Being the daughter of a hairdresser (she's been cutting locks for 45 years), number on advice I can give to you...
    Find someone who will listen to what you want, but who also will tell you NO! :-D
    It's important when getting a totally new do, that your hairdresser is going to help you find the best style and color that will compliment the shape of your lovely face and your skin tone.

    Now, you probably already knew all this...
    So have FUN! :-D
    Can't wait to see the photos of the new fabulous haircut.

  11. ohhh, love the options! I agree that you could rock them all ;o) My fave for is #2...#3 is my second choice.

  12. Love them all too, I voted for 3 but they are all cute. Good luck!

    Christy from DWF.

  13. Hey Anne,

    No matter which way you go, you're a star!!!

    Brand and I can't wait to see the results!


  14. I think #2 looks like the most style for the least effort--1 and 3 would need pretty sophisticated product and hot appliance savvy. I love the idea of highlights. I can't wait to see what color you go--I've been wanting to do some color sprucing too. I was thinking some Reds...but those fade so very fast. Copper might be the ticket. xo

  15. Anonymous12:49 PM

    According to the voting choices, I think bangs of some length are in your future. Wait until after Halloween so you can be Deb with poofy sleeves and a side ponytail.

    You are the best! Congrats on a summer so busy that you couldn't get your haircut!


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