posted on: June 28, 2007

I'm feeling a little famous!! But really it's just because I've been photographed by some really cool people. ;-)

The first Anne-spotting happened on June 21st, when the fabulous Davina posted some pics of me on her blog. We roomed together in Texas for the Foundation Workshop and before I even met her, I had a feeling that she was an awesome woman. Rooming with her was such a wonderful experience and I'm truly a better person for knowing her. I feel so lucky that I can look at these photos and remember the wonderful person behind the camera. ;-)

There are more pics on her blog... CLICK HERE TO SEE

The second Anne-spotting happened on June 23rd, on the infamous bobbi+mike blog. Every month a group of area photographers meet to talk about various things in our businesses and to share new products and ideas. This month, Bobbi came to the meeting armed with her camera and snapped candids of everyone doing their thing. Ironically, most of us don't usually bring our cameras, so we had very little defense against the shutterbug. Knowing how much she loves pictures of herself, and seeing her camera abandoned on the floor, I made sure to snap a few pics of Bobbi too- one which you can see on her blog. Bobbi was actually one of the first people in Indiana who helped me feel like this was a place I could call home, and I'll never forget that. She's quickly becoming a superstar and one day I'll be able to say the famous Bobbi took my picture. ;-)

Seeing this picture makes me wanna poke myself in the tummy and laugh like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. ;-) Tee Hee!

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  1. Anne, Is it weird for me to say that I love you!? And these pictures of you seem just right!
    You're so amazing. I just buried myself deep in your website since it had been a while. I love it! From the music to the set up. My favorite/make me cry my eyes out section is the 'Personal" one with all the feedback. It's perfect! And by the way, I've been meaning to say as a working-on-being-a-real-photographer, that you are amazing to share your knowledge with us all. thank you for PhotoLovecat. I love you!

  2. Anne, you are so nice. I'm blessed to know you. In so many ways you have been so kind to me. Thank you!!

  3. Those are really funny photos. I have never met you but somehow I feel like I know you a little. You must be so full of energy. Spunky? Really fun to be around?

  4. Kim - you made ME cry!!!!!! :') Thank you for such warm and loving words.

    Davina - you're just awesome in so many ways.

    Jason - I certainly have no problem embarassing myself - that's for sure!!


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