Wedding: Megan & Eric

posted on: April 13, 2007

How do I love thee, let me count the ways...
I'm at such a loss for words when it comes to Megan & Eric. I feel like we've been friends forever, even though we only met last year. These two are amazing - together and seperate. Their warmth, generosity, spirit, individuality, and creative conscious just blow me away. I feel like we've supported each other a lot through the last year and I hope that friendship never ever ends. If you're interested in the amazing story of how they met and how fate interwined their lives, check out their story on on Meg's website.

Megan is the quintessential indie bride, making nearly everything by hand (with the help of her friends and family of course!) Pictured above you can see the fabulous indie rock poster invitation, which was designed and screen printed by her and Eric!! Talk about a labor of love! They even numbered and signed them, creating limited edition prints for each of their wedding guests. It felt so cool to get a personal work of art as an invitation!

Megan took on the incredible task of making her own wedding dress! She was not a seamstress to begin with and I'm pretty sure that she wasn't exactly a veteran on the sewing machine when she started either! Somehow, in the middle of everything else leading up to the wedding, this superwoman was able to make her wedding dress and create a veil out of a 1960's vintage headband! The bustle was one of the last things that needed to be taken care of which would have been nearly impossible for her to do herself, so Heath helped her out but man- I honestly cannot imagine anyone else even trying to attempt this!

Saffy wanted to be a bride too!

We all laughed so hard when I showed them the picture of Megan's "hair assistant" standing on the toilet looking like a hobbit next to Megan. ;-) Have I mentioned how much I love getting ready moments?? There are so many emotions that happen in anticipation of a couple's big day. Everything from happy beyond belief, to completely stressed. I think Megan went through the entire range of emotions that morning. As it got closer to the time she had planned to meet her groom at the park for their first glance at each other, she became more and more anxious. Her sisters and friends were always nearby to help her calm down and put things back into perspective. Afterall - the wedding never starts without the bride!

The gentlemen and their longswords. Need I say more??! (Not exactly what I had planned - but a candid moment like this is worth so much more than the posed one!)

Eric waited at the end of a long bridge for his bride to reveal herself to him. I can only imagine how he felt as he heard her footsteps move across the bridge, and how she felt as she stepped closer and closer to him. After this moment, their lives would change forever.

Their wedding was held at the beautiful and historic Weller's in Saline, MI and as you can see from the very first image, it was an overcast day which threatened to rain on the outdoor ceremony. There have been so many times when a couple has planned an outdoor ceremony and it will have rained the entire morning, but for some reason, the clouds seem to magically part for the wedding ceremony. It's such an amazing phenomenon to me because it happens almost every time. I think God likes outdoor ceremonies as much as I do. ;)

I have no idea what Megan's father was saying to her as they were walking down the aisle, but he had her laughing almost the entire way!

I'm pretty confident that at some point, everyone in attendance shed a tear for this couple. I know I did.

Look at all of that excitement!! I thought Megan was going to toss her bouquet right then and there!!

I just loved this pathway, and it was the perfect place for Megan and Eric to spend a few moments alone together to reflect and take everything in on their wedding day.

Megan and Eric's guests were greeted with the coolest guestbook I've seen yet!! An antique typewriter for the guests to type a message to Megan & Eric!

They also prepared an entire packet of favors for their guests with a ton of fun things to play with!! Pictured above you can see one of the Fortune Telling Fish, there was also a mini-kolo photoalbum, a kootie catcher, a CD of their favorite songs, and the biggest hit of the party - fake mustaches!!

Each of their cakes were prepared single handedly by Eric's brother, Jeff- who started baking the day before the wedding and was putting the final touches of candied carrot strips on the cake when I saw him that morning. The slice you see Megan & Eric holding was a marshmallow & chocolate crepe layer cake (I think!) In any case.. they were all incredibly rich and enticing - as you can see from Eric's ooooohing and ahhhing expression!!

Don't they just beam with happiness and love?? *sigh*

There was no time wasted in getting the party started! Everyone was ready to dance!

Name that tune!!! Hint: think graveyard video

That actually landed there completely by accident- and it wasn't me!!! Someone had a healthy stash of nerf darts and air guns! There were nerf darts everywhere! I must have been hit at least 10 times or more and at one point Megan was covered in them! I'm sure they were probably finding hidden darts for days after the wedding. What a fun and outrageous group of people - I think everyone had a blast!

And then there was Barb - the woman who unknowingly reunited these two over the airwaves of music. It meant so much to Megan & Eric that their favorite DJ was willing to share their special day with them.

Congratulations Megan & Eric!!!! I know there are sooo many more happy memories in your future, and I can't wait to see where life takes you!! I hope you always keep in touch!!!

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  1. What a fun wedding!! Love the cat, the swords (ahem), moustache, dart... Thanks for sharing! Lovely!

  2. I know, I know, I commented in the little shoutbox, but, I can't help myself!

    You are the BEST, Anne. You are a true kindred spirit of a friend and the fate that brought us to you (and vice versa) is... well... one of the very best things that happened during the course of last year. Period!

    The slideshow will be treasured for the rest of our lives, I can assure you of that. You captured the day COMPLETELY. I know it's true because I cry and laugh hysterically in equal measure when I view it! :D

    We love you, Anne. We could NEVER thank you enough.

  3. wow.

    these pictures are absolutely amazing! you captured the range of emotion so well. it was an honor to attend and be a part of this wedding. i'm so glad that there are so many memories that will be preserved. the slide show is great also!

  4. I think you took my breath away. Gotta go find it... wow. I cannot even IMAGINE how beautiful their album will be! So amazing that I'd consider buying a copy (maybe a softcover Lulu or something). The couple are absolutely darling and the pictures are incredible!!!

  5. Oh nooooo... you tease... I need to know the story, how did they meet again after many years, the link is gone! Anne, you amaze me every time. I love EVERYTHING about this wedding, amazing couple, super neat pictures! Good on ya!

  6. anne these are SO wonderful! i love how you always catch the best candid moments. :) absolutely great, lady! :D

  7. oh Anne, these are awesome!!! You are such a rockstar ;-)

    I was about to scold you for not letting me know you were shooting at Wellers, but than I realized this wedding was from awhile back. So you're off the hook. This time ;-)

  8. The CAT is SO cool, and I LOVE the shoes and antique veil. So many personal touches in this wedding, and you captured them so nicely, and this you could only have done if you took a lot of time to get to know your bride and groom. Inspirational job, Anne!

  9. That first picture is one of my favorites...EVER! So lovely!

  10. Gorgeous work! You captured their wedding perfectly:) I'd love to know the story too...their wedding website isn't active anymore:(

  11. these are awesome!! you are just once of the best story tellers ever! i only hope i get a client with as much personality and love and style! you just blow us away constantly, but this takes the cake...(the delicious delicious cake)... :)

  12. Oh Anne, I simply LOVE this wedding!!!

    I mean, you always amaze me but for goodness sake I feel like I was there!

  13. I posted our story here for everyone to read:

    I hope you enjoy it!

  14. I LOVE the cat shots, but I am a cat addict!! So cute. Great work, very solid stuff.


  15. What stunning images! I love your work as always. :)

  16. I came to take a look at Meg's wedding pictures, and I am totally impressed with how absolutely wonderful they are! In fact, I think they are the truly the best wdding pictures I have EVER seen!! Great job!!

  17. Girl, you seriously rock! Nice shots!

  18. leigh miller10:08 PM

    is it just me or is there a common theme to this wedding?

    great work anne. wonderful mix of real moments and beautiful portraits.

    i wish we lived closer so we could shoot together. can we make a shoot date?

  19. These are great Anne!w

  20. Theme? Or just a few dirty minds!!

    I'd love to shoot with you!!! Why do you have to live soooo far away?!

  21. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Anne these are gorgeous. You have given this couple such a gift to be cherished for a lifetime, you didn't miss a single detail, emotiion or moment. You captured their wedding with the elegance, sensitivity,energy and creativity that shines in your photography. Thank you for the happy anniversary note you left me, so sweet.


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