Our First Day in Bergen

posted on: April 26, 2007

As you saw from the previous video, we arrived safely in Bergen on Tuesday. The drive into the city was our first real look at the landscape of Bergen, so of course I took some video to share that experience with you. At the end of the clip, you'll also see our swanky hotel room which has some really interesting features. ;) Click play to watch the video...

Unfortunately, our checked luggage didn't arrive with us in Bergen. I had a sneaky suspicion something was going to happen when we were in Chicago and had to switch airlines. Both Chicago and Amsterdam airports are so large that it would be easy for something to get lost in the mix. Well, since we didn't have a change of clothes (because it was more important to carry on my cameras and our laptops), we took the opportunity to do a little bit of local shopping! Any excuse to shop is fine by me!


The shoe shopping here is to die for! Alex pointed out these green shoes... but I don't need shoes... but I'd really like some green shoes... but I like them both so much I can't decide and I can really only afford one pair!! The mule with the sprial design could be dressy or casual, but I wouldn't be able to work or hike in them. The slide that looks like a leaf would be a great casual shoe and could probably even stay on when hiking, but might not work as a dressy shoe.. but I don't dress up very often. Soo... what do you think I should get? Then the trick will be finding the shoe in my size... which may mean that I end up with neither!

As we were walking through the mall we heard some singing and found this middle school (?) girls choir near the information desk... so I stopped to listen. ;)

Click play to watch a very short excerpt...

To finish off our first day in Bergen, we ate at a local pizza chain called Peppe's.
The pizza was delicious, and very filling for the price, which was the perfect way to finish our first day in Bergen. ;)

Looking out the window of Peppes Pizza
Stars & Stripes Pizza

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  1. ahh! love those shoes!! my favorites are the first pair...but get them both! (and send one to me, lol) hope you have a great time, and share lots of exciting photos with us!

  2. The spiral shoes get my vote! I can just see you in them more clearly than I can see you in the others. Which may seem like a strange comment from someone who hasn't technically SEEN you in person, but still. They just seem more your style.

  3. Oooh, I like the first ones! They seem more 'you' than the leaf pair, unless you're playing an elf in the TH stage production of Lord of the Rings. Honestly, I think they're more versatile than the leaf pair, and they really are more your personality.

  4. i like the spiral ones better but they're both super cute! yay for vacation shopping.

  5. Good thing I didn't hide in your suitcase - I would have gotten lost on the way to Norway!
    Have fun and enjoy Bergen!

  6. Oh, I totally vote for the leaf pair. Don't listen to anyone else, get the leaf pair!!! :D

  7. jamie8:29 AM

    let me just say, that pizza looks waaaaaaaaaaay tasty. i can hardly believe no other pizza votes yet ;-). I also vote spiral shoes, but i could see you in the leaf pair too. Hope you're having a great time!

  8. Have a blast, Anne! I dare you to not blog for at least a day on your vacation. ;)

  9. It looks like you are having a great start to your vacation! I love the spiral shoes, too - shoes are ALWAYS a great souvenir.

  10. The leaf shoes, the leaf shoes... are you EVER going to find enything like those again? Those are seriously COOOOL shoes... plus you're toally green!

  11. We hope you have some new clothes by now!!!

    Enjoy your trip :)

    nate & amanda

  12. Oh, and get the leafy ones!


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