My Husband Went To London....

posted on: April 16, 2007

.... and all I got was this....

No, he didn't bring home the lovely lime green bag that he knew I would have loved.... he brought back a PHOTO of the lovely green bag he didn't buy but knew I would've loved. HA! Can someone please tell me how a man's brain works?!?! Wait, I'm guessing it went something like this... "I know my wife would love that purse, but what kind of man would I be if I actually bought a purse- let alone a lime green foo-foo purse?? I'll just take a picture of it instead, then she at least knows that I was thinking of her wanting this purse."

To his credit, he DID take more pictures outside of his hotel this time... good job, honey! ;-) Actually, he did get me a Paddington Bear from Paddington Station, and a London Starbucks Mug - both of which were very thoughtful gifts. Speaking of Starbucks... did you enter my contest to win a free $10 Starbucks card? I'm not going to tell you where the contest is, but any smart cookie will easily figure it out. ;-)

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  1. That is just too cute! Thanks for posting that - it brought a little giggle to my Monday:-)

    brandy j

  2. It looks like you would have enjoyed more than just the purse. I think you would have wanted the whole store! Nice composition. Props to the hubby! :D

  3. HA ha ha!!! You know me too well!!

  4. Well, I think that was very thoughtful of him to even stop at this shop, and then take the picture, wow! The bag certainly does look worth having, but you might not have had too many outfits to match! (of course, had he bought it he could have bought one of the tops, too!)


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