My Birthday

posted on: April 9, 2007

This year my birthday fell on Easter Sunday, which I normally get to spend with my family, but since I was just in Detroit and Alex had to leave for England today, we decided to stay in Indiana. Even though I wasn't born on an Easter Sunday, my parents gave me a very Easter-like name, as Anne Renee means Grace Reborn.

When it comes to birthdays, I'm pretty simple and don't really need much. Even though I love giving gifts, I'd much rather have a new experience or spend time doing something I love with the people I love. So yesterday was pretty much a day to indulge in the things that I usually don't get to do, with my husband. I spent the morning on a texture hunt with my 1979 OM10 (born the same year I was) and some saturated UC film for a future personal project...

Then we had Thai for lunch.... Chicken Pad See-ew is my favorite! Yummmay!

With a little hot tea, thai roll, and plumb sauce..

Then we met up with our friend Dan for dessert and drinks at Friday's followed by a relaxed evening at home watching movies. We also went to see Blades of Glory on Saturday, which was quite hilarious!! Interestingly, the Hottie Birthday ballooon left over as a joke from Alex's birthday (March 14th) stayed inflated all the way until it was my birthday too!! These guys really know how to hang in there for a girl! HA! ;-)

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  1. Ahhh! Happy Birthday Beautiful! I love the birthday balloon! The Thai food place looked good, even though it's the only one in that town! "Whatta mean another Thai resturant, we gots one right down the street thre."
    :) Hope you had a great one! <3

  2. Another Aries! Emilie just had her birthday and I am next week! :) Happy Birthday Anne! Sorry I am late!

    I definitely feel the same way about having experiences versus gifts, that is so inspiring how you spent your birthday, giving me ideas ;)


  3. I'm glad you had a good birthday! It was fun for me to get to share in it too!

    And 300 - whew, what a movie!!



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