Live. Love. Green. Tote Bag Winner!!

posted on: April 10, 2007

A special thank you to everyone who participated in my Live. Love. Green. Tote Bag Contest!! There were some great ideas about small and easy changes we can make to help out the environment! Here are a few ideas that were mentioned:

"FREECYCLE!! If Freecycle is available in your area (you can find out at, by all means join! It has its roots in both environmentalism and anti-consumerism. There is also the added benefit of joining a local e-community like-minded others. I have both given and recieved some great items on Freecycle, and it feels gratifying to keep perfectily good items out of the landfill." - Sharyn

" I teach elementary art. It occured to me that buying new scissors every year is crazy. So, I bought a scissor sharpener. That way, I can re-sharpen blades and keep from putting 30 pair of kid scissors in the landfill every year." - Kristin

"Unplug that microwave, toaster, coffee maker, cell phone charger! That's just a bunch of energy going to waste." - Marlena

"Best Buy has a recycle area for ink cartridges, batteries... even cell phones! That's such an easy thing to add into your day. I stock pile my used Epson cartridges and then take them with us when we go shopping to get rid of them right. We have one of those IKEA bag holders for under the sink and use "old" grocery bags for lots of things - lunch-carriers, kitty litter disposal, etc. Oh, and I rarely wash my jeans too. And when I do, I do it on cold to save a little energy." - Megan

The winner was chosen at random using the tried & true system of names written on paper and drawing them from a bowl. ;) Finally, the winner is..... MARLENA!!!! Congratuations Marlena!!!! I'll be in contact with you shortly about where to deliver your Live. Love. Green. Tote Bag!

Keep your eye open for more contests in the future (they aren't always obvious or easy to find)!!! I love giving stuff away!!! ;)

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  1. I LOVE this bag!!!
    What a great idea, wish I would have thought of it ;)



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