My Eyes. My Identity. Broken.

posted on: March 20, 2007

I was looking for some last minute items at the store, took my glasses off to wipe away a smudge on my lens, and without any effort, they snapped in half. Not what you'd expect from an Anne Klein product. Well, every place that accepts our insurance is closed after 5 pm so I have to find a way to get a replacement in the few hours before I have to leave tomorrow. Otherwise I'll have to wear contacts, which means no one will recognize me! Crossing my fingers and toes that I can get a replacement tomorrow before I go!

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  1. It would make a real statement if you used athletic tape and taped them back together. Not a very attractive statement, but a statement...

  2. I know how you felt. I actually misplaced my glasses during a wedding shoot one night. Luckily I had a backup, but it was agonizing trying to find my glasses and keep shooting at the same time. They were my cool glasses with the shaded. :(

  3. This photo is awesome! I loooove the green. Looks like a grasshopper. Totally cool that you are creative with a broken piece of eye gear! Thanks for checking out our work. You posted on our blog a while back.


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