Leavin' On a Jet Plane...

posted on: March 21, 2007

There are just NOT enough hours in a day!! I've been very productive and taken care of a LOT of things while I've been back, but I'm by no means caught up with everything I need to finish!! Editing and processing images on the road sucks because laptop screen brightness and tonal range vary depending on the angle of the screen. So, in order for me to provide consistent and accurate processing, I need to work on my calibrated system at home. Oh, how I miss film!!! (But, I'd never totally go back.) My only solace is that when I return at the beginning of April, I will have nearly three weeks of uninterrupted time to complete projects... woo hoo!!

Here's where I'll be over the next 12 days:
Hesperia, CA March 21-23
Las Vegas, NV March 24-29
Detroit, MI March 30-April 2

As usual when I'm traveling - I'm not sure when I'll have access to internet, but I'll definitely try to respond as soon as I can! Thank you for your patience! PS. I got new frames - so I have my eyes & identity back!

To my hubby: I miss you already!!

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